NIR technology now measures the number of kappa kraft pulp

FPInnovations, in collaboration with FITNIR analyzers Inc., will commercialize a new innovative product using the technology of the near infrared (NIR) to quickly and efficiently analyze the kappa number of the kraft pulp.

NIR technology now measures the number of kappa kraft pulp

The only approach determines kappa number in less than four minutes and eliminates the need for all of the associated chemicals. The kappa analyzer also is not based on other parameters for measurement (such as the weight of the sample) in order to reduce the measurement error.

While the NIR technology has been used in many industries with applications from pharmaceuticals to food quality control, FPInnovations developed skills to apply this technology to the pulp and paper industry. Solving practical problems encountered in the mills, NIR can now be used to measure the number of kappa, eliminating many of the complex factors traditionally addressed in the process. quick and easy measuring the kappa number allows mills to monitor and control production of pasta, starting from the beginning of the process to the final product. Faster adjustments improve mill efficiency, while reductions of lead consumption of chemicals in significant cost savings.

About the products from FITNIR  based on the NIR technology 

FITNIR Kappa is the third of three commercial offers products from FITNIR based on the same NIR technology is used in mills throughout North America, Indonesia and Scandinavia. The other two products, FITNIR online and FITNIR bench, also developed in partnership with FPInnovations, provide rapid measurements, accurate and truthful to a full suite of major properties for pulp recovery applications liquor, recaust, digestive, and chlorine dioxide generator .

NIR technology uses a broad spectrum of infrared light to illuminate a pulp sample. The resulting unique spectral frequencies are then recorded by the spectrometer and the computer. A proprietary algorithm, developed by researchers at FPInnovations’ and further developed by FITNIR, analyzes and determines the lignin content of the sample to ensure the number of kappa.

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