New Microline Fast Wrap: increasingly higher performance gives Tissue sector a boost

With more than twenty years experience in the design, construction and sale of tissue-sector packaging solutions, the company from Bologna is about to launch Fast Wrap 1250, a machine destined to lead the way in terms of productivity and flexibility.

New Microline Fast Wrap: increasingly higher performance gives Tissue sector a boost
Bag entering the shrinking tunnel.

In a constantly-changing market, it is essential to design machines offering higher, but at the same time flexible, performance capable of adapting to specific production requirements. With this in mind, Microline has developed Fast Wrap 1250, the new continuous-motion bundler for AFH paper rolls. With this multi-pack bundler, the company has set its sights on flexibility and production speed: two essential features for the Tissue industry that finds itself having to pack batches of different-sized products with ever-increasing frequency.

Fast Wrap 1250 can process 25 bundles per minute without compromising the quality of the products contained therein and the packaging’s appearance. A feature of version 2.0 of Microline’s existing range of bundlers is the extensive size range available with the possibility of performing most size changeovers directly from the control panel. Wrapping involves placing the film around the prearranged rolls, joining and subsequently sealing the edges at the top of the bag. Front and rear sealing is performed by a hot bar self-centring system (box-motion cycle) that separates the bundles.

Fast Wrap 1250 a machine destined to lead the way in terms of performance and flexibility.

The entire packaging process is carried out without producing packaging material waste or trimmings, once again underlining Microline’s corporate philosophy that has always been careful not to waste energy and raw materials. Indeed, the Bologna company has always been committed to cutting energy running costs and the quantity of packaging material utilised compared to its competitors by between 10% and 30%.

The importance of the customer partnership

Fast Wrap boosts the range of Microline solutions comprising machinery capable of adapting to a wide selection of tissue-packing and end-of-line requirements. The company once again confirms its status as a hi-tech business, customising its products to suit customer needs and supplying state-of-the-art machinery assembled with the care of a traditional craftsman. Microline’s meticulous design of its conveyor systems is proof of this: each section is designed to improve the performance, productivity and functionality of the entire packaging system.

The company’s conveyors are therefore optimised for product type and task performed in order to meet the various requirements of the customer who Microline has always considered to be just like a partner. Indeed, ever since the day it was founded, the Bologna company has always placed the customer at the centre of the entire system, involving him from the design stage right up until delivery. Microline also provides customers with all the tools needed to train staff, at the same time guaranteeing ongoing support and assistance.

Indeed, one of the main selling points of a Microline product is the optional remote assistance: technology developed so that the company can communicate with a customer in need of assistance with just one click.

The MRA (Microline Remote Assistance) system is a quick, convenient, time-saving solution that can avoid downtime. A simple Internet connection is all that is needed to communicate with a Microline specialist staff member and take him virtually to the machine’s location in order to provide remote assistance. An effective optional available for all of its packaging machines, enabling the company to take an important step towards Industry 4.0.

Detail of the sealing station.
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