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As the world market leader, it is our ambition to develop highly efficient tools and solutions with innovative ideas and advanced technology, all while setting sustainable trends. The satisfaction of our customers, from the craftsman’s workshop to the global industrial company, has always been and still is the focus of our activities. We guarantee optimal customer proximity and competent support through our worldwide network of our own sales, service and production companies as well as through the high qualification and continuous training of our employees. Our motivation is, always, to find the best solution for our customers.
We take knowledge and experience from many industries and apply it to our products and services for the tissue paper industry.

We do not only sell a product, we sell a solution

TKM App.
TKM App.

That’s why we added three additional service tools to be closer to our customers:

  • The TKM Group App, available for Apple and Android, includes a trouble shooting of the most common problems with the log saw blade application. All our customers can use the app for free. Try it out.
  • To start, we build up a simple but efficient TKM performance centre. TKM performance centre is an easy access channel for our customers to industrial internet applications and remote services. Our experts have a deep understanding of the cutting applications of your tissue converting lines. With remote connections and tools, we provide the needed support and guidance without delay – and more broadly than before.
  • The relaunch of our website The structure of the website has been completely adapted and designed to be more user-friendly, but not only that, it now offers our visitors an absolute added value. In addition to our range of services, we offer you a detailed desktop solution manual. Discover more and visit our new Solution Finder now.

While we are producing the Log Saw Blades and CBN grinding wheels in Remscheid (Germany) and the bimetal anvil and perforation knives in Boehlerwerk (Austria), we produce and provide other products for the tissue paper industry at TKM Meyer in Bargteheide (Germany).
TKM Meyer is the development, manufacturing and service center for doctor blades as well as for knives and consumable parts for the printing and packaging industry as well as the tissue paper industry.
TKM Meyer is specialized on producing different types of doctor blades and provides a ph-neutral and biodegradable cleaning liquid for anilox rollers. We produce as well circular toothed knives (i.e core cutting knives) and straight toothed knives (i.e. bag packing machines).
In the following we like to briefly introduce the different types of products.

TKM is a leading global manufacturer of industrial knives, saws and doctor blades

A) Doctor blades

TKM Meyer is one of the global leading manufacturers for doctor blades. Within the tissue paper industry there are two different doctor blade applications:

  • Ply Glue Process
  • Printing Process

The glue as well as the printing system is water-based. We provide two different material grades for the application:

  • Stainless steel (NiroPrint). The corrosion-resistant doctor blade is the optimal solution for all aggressive or water-based glue and printing systems. TKM NiroPrint prevents any corrosion on the doctor blade, even in the critical contact zone. TKM Meyer owes its leading market position in water-based flexographic printing partially to the corrosion-resistant steel grade used
  • Synthetic Material (PolyPrint). TKM PolyPrint prevents cutting injuries and scoring lines, since no metallic particles accumulate in the inking system. Given the wide variety of application requirements, we also offer TKM PolyPrint in other materials in addition to polyester.

Those who are interested in the best possible quality and lifetime of the doctor blade use the TKM DuroBlade. For further explanations, please feel free to contact us or visit us on the Internet.

B) TKM Enpurex (Anilox Cylinder Cleaning Liquids)

For the thorough cleaning of your ceramic anilox roller and gravure cylinder we recommend the use of our ph-neutral and biodegradable Enpurex cleaning agent. To activate the cleaning process Enpurex is applied with the help of a micropore sponge. During the reaction time of 1-3 minutes all contaminations will fragmented through highly dynamic pulsations and lifted upwards, instead of being chemically aggressive dissolved. A drying-out must be avoided while doing so. To deactivate the cleaning process and to remove the contaminations a water wetted nonwoven cloth is being used. Please note to wipe in one direction for a residue-free cleaning process. Subsequently the roller can be wiped dry with a clean cloth. Depending on the degree of contamination the cleaning process might be repeated.
Check out now our brand-new application video:


C) Circular and straight toothed knives

  • Core Cutting knives with and without TiN coating.
  • All well-known OEM provide as well core producing machines. Most of the modern machines work with toothed circular knives to cut the core to the correct length.
  • Toothed Straight Knives with and without TiN coating
  • On bag packing machines you need a straight toothed knife to cut a piece of the plastic bag after the packing process.

The cutting process of the carton board core and the plastic film causes, due to continuously developed materials, always new challenges.
The TKM Group supports its customers in mastering the challenges with adapted geometries and material grades.


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