New frontiers of the 4.0 industry with OMET Intelligent Plant

OMET presents the new software developed for production control, which allows real-time connection with any OMET machine, anywhere installed in the world, for data collection and analysis.

New frontiers of the 4.0 industry with OMET Intelligent Plant
OMET Intelligent Plant allows to get all production data in real time.

OMET Intelligent Plant is a system for collecting, analyzing and displaying production data that allows companies to have all information about the machine’s activity everytime and everywhere. All data are stored continuously in interconnected and secure databases that can be questioned real time. The platform is web-based, safely reachable from any device connected to the company network, and compatible with all major operating systems.

Thanks to the data storage, any kind of analysis for statistics or assistance purposes becomes possible. The software, indeed, can have a bidirectional function: not only for collecting data, but also to give instructions to the machine about the ongoing production.

The real-time visualization of production parameters enables actions also on collateral issues: for example, to evaluate the efficiency of operators working on the machine, the wear patterns, the use of optional devices, and above all to identify the causes of problems and downtimes to solve them immediately. Each line can also be equipped for measuring energy consumption.

For an easy use of the software, OMET has set up an interface that displays clear and intuitive graphical information about the most important parameters useful to evaluate the machine work. For example, you can display data about the speed (m/min, pieces/min, packs/ min), the product (format, lot, percentage of completion), the operator (credentials, shift, recognition through badge or RFID tags), the configuration (units in use), the time trends of speed or temperature that can influence malfunctions or overloads.

OMET has been a pioneer of the Industry 4.0, thanks to the high technology of its machines.

Finally, OMET Intelligent Plant is a true value for our customers: they will have the opportunity to boost their competitive advantage through higher operative efficiency and consequent business growth.

The development of this software answers both to the global trend towards industry 4.0 and to the high request of this kind of data from the market. “Giving customers the opportunity to take a step further towards complete automation and maximum efficiency is a priority for our company – Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales Director, says -. Innovation passes through connectivity, automation, and the increasing integration of people’s work with that of intelligent machines. OMET has heavily invested in the 4.0 industry and the innovations of recent years led us to a new frontier of industrial automation, which we proudly offer to our customers.” All new OMET machines are equipped with this software, but it can be installed on any existing line.

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