Klabin becomes South America’s first papermaker to place an order via OCI at the Voith Paper Webshop

The Brazilian company now joins more than 60 papermakers worldwide that are already using the portal created by Voith to place orders 24/7. Other papermakers in Brazil are already under negotiation to start using the system.

Klabin becomes South America’s first papermaker to place an order via OCI at the Voith Paper Webshop

Flexible ordering times, process transparency and customized interfaces for each paper manufacturer are some of the benefits that the Voith Paper Webshop offers. ERP system integration allows for fast and efficient processing of spare parts orders, which translates into less time spent on component searches.

Becoming a member of the Voith Paper Webshop and integrating ERP systems via OCI make it easier for maintenance departments to place orders directly through their ERP systems; they simply select the necessary components in the Webshop and transfer them to the ERP to find all the required fields automatically populated. The order is then forwarded to the purchasing department, which approves the purchase and sends the order directly to Voith, closing the purchase cycle.

Since the online platform automatically stores the individual parts for each customer machine, the purchasing task becomes more efficient by sparing users from having to choose among various product models.

Searching for specific components can take up to 30% of the total time spent on maintenance work. By using the Voith Paper Webshop, companies benefit from increased speed in placing orders as well as greater control of purchases, since the prices, delivery lead times and inventory are available at a click.

“The future of the paper industry is linked to process automation,” says Joel Crivelari, Purchasing Manager at Klabin. “Integrating IT systems is important for streamlining processes and increasing operational efficiency. We are pleased with the first results achieved after using the Voith platform.”

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