Kipaş Kağıt is counting on Voith’s XcelLine at its Söke production facility

A consistently high quality for all basis weights and low energy consumption were the two main requirements to be met by the new PM 1 at Kipaş Kağıt.

Kipaş Kağıt is counting on Voith’s XcelLine at its Söke production facility

This is why the Turkish paper manufacturer opted for an XcelLine system from Voith featuring a high degree of automation. At the end of September 2017, Voith won a contract from Turkish paper manufacturer Kipaş Kağıt to build the PM 1 at the company’s mill at Söke in Western Turkey.

The company will use the XcelLine facility to produce around 700,000 metric tons per year of high-quality board and packaging papers with basis weights of 90 to 400 grams per square meter. Kipaş Kağıt is planning to run at a production speed of 1,200 meters per minute. The wire section has a flexible design allowing the production of two-ply and three-ply paper.

One of the key priorities for the Turkish papermaker was high paper quality with high machine efficiency even in the case of low grammages. In addition, the machine should be particularly energy efficient, i.e. use less power, water and steam. XcelLine meets both these criteria thanks to its perfectly matched components.

In the stock preparation unit of the PM 1, for example, various products of the BlueLine family reduce the costs for energy, fresh fiber treatment, water and maintenance. In four stock preparation lines featuring processing technology specially designed for various recovered papers and pulp and with a total production capacity of more than 3,000 t/day, the conditions have been created for manufacturing high-quality paper products. Apart from the process machines, Voith will also supply the complete water, sludge and reject system and the main components for the effluent treatment plant.

Stock distribution is done via three MasterJet Pro headboxes. The OnQ ModuleJet dilution water system, which is integrated into the headbox for the middle ply, allows the dilution water to be dosed directly into the intermediate layer. This results in a uniform distribution over the entire height of the layer. The system improves the accuracy of the control response in the paper web by over 50 percent compared with conventional systems, allowing optimum CD profiles and an excellent fiber orientation to be achieved.

A key element of the Combi DuoRun dryer section are the EvoDry steel cylinders which allow the number of drying cylinders in the pre-dryer and after-dryer sections to be reduced. This reduces the weight of the dryer section and saves investment and electricity costs, without compromising the quality of the products. In addition, the PM 1 will be fitted with a Tandem NipcoFlex shoe press with four felts and a downstream third press to improve smoothness, a SpeedSizer AT film applicator unit and an EcoCal Hard and EcoCal Soft nip calender. If the paper is to be coated this is done using up to three DynaCoat AF coaters and a DF Coat unit for direct coating. Non-coated papers are transferred via an intermediate Sirius winding system directly to the two VariFlex winders with two-drum winder technology. Voith will also supply the complete initial clothing for the PM 1 and three further clothing sets.

A comprehensive automation package consisting of OnControl process control system, OnQ quality control, OnView information system and OnCare CM condition monitoring increases process reliability and allows preventive maintenance. Interminable and costly machine shutdowns can therefore be avoided. Moreover, the OnV energy management system that is also integrated into the PM 1 identifies, localizes and visualizes all energy consumptions during ongoing paper production and offers the user numerous options for improvement. In this context, the entire machine air system, which guarantees high heat recovery rates and operational reliability, makes an especially important contribution to energy saving and economic efficiency.

The good experience that Kipaş Kağıt had with Voith in the past during the construction of the new stock preparation unit in 2013 was the reason the company decided from the very outset that the new facility had to come from one source. The Turkish paper manufacturer was more than satisfied with the performance and reliability of the stock preparation unit and therefore decided to award Voith the entire contract for the PM 1 and also entrust the technology leader from Heidenheim with the complete planning of the facility. As part of its Process Line Package, Voith assumes total responsibility for the project and guarantees scheduled completion of the system at the agreed price.

Moreover, Kipaş Kağıt is planning to work with Voith again to build another paper machine for non-coated packaging papers in the same width and with a similar production capacity at the same location.

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