JSC Volga started the production of the new substance newsprint

The 40 gsm newsprint production was mastered at Volga’s Paper Mill. The printers have already tested the production samples and gave an expert opinion. The increased area in a standard newsprint reel is the main advantage of the low-substance newsprint.

JSC Volga started the production of the new substance newsprint

The production test runs of Volga’s low-substance newsprint (40 gsm) took place in March, 2017 in the printing complexes of JSC PK “EXTRA М” (Moscow) on UNISET and GEOMAN printing machines and in a CJSC “Prime Print” (Nizhny Novgorod) printing-house on a TENSOR 1400 machine.

After the carried out testing the “Prime Print” experts confirmed the conformity of the tested newsprint to the declared properties and printability on the TENSOR equipment because no ink setting-off and other defects of the printed products were identified. In their opinion, the quality of the edition appearance printed on the lower substance newsprint didn’t visually differ from the quality of the samples printed on the standard newsprint with the substance of 42 gsm. There were also no web breaks or increased flaking of the paper.

Printing industry experts see good prospects for the development of this segment. For example, a JSC PK “EXTRA М”’s chief engineer Irina A. Potselueva considers that the future of the lower substance newsprint production is dictated by the situation on the printing market. “In my opinion, such a newsprint will be in demand by those editors offices and publishing houses which use printed materials mailing, because they are interested in lighter newsprint allowing to reduce circulation weight and therefore to save money.”- Irina A. pointes out. “As for the printing on the newsprint with the substance of 40 gsm, such newsprint under Volga’s brand has sufficient caliper and is opaque that is certainly a big plus for printers.”

After Volga’s newsprint testing Irina A. Potselueva concluded that such newsprint could be used for printing of the periodicals with an average number of pictures.

According to the Volga’s General Director Dmitry A. Donchenko, consumer interests as well as the output quality are a major focus of the Balakhna Paper Mill employees. This desire to meet the needs of the paper market has become a driver for seeking new solutions. The newsprint of the reduced substance of 40 gsm will be positioned as an alternative to the 42 gsm newsprint in the premium segment.

“We’ve already had the first orders and so the production of the new substance newsprint is churned out. And we hope that our newsprint consumers will highly appreciate its quality,” Dmitry A. Donchenko pointed out.

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