The Customer requirements always come first. This statement summarizes Mingazzini’s attitude on the market

Despite the constant and continuous growth from the technological point of view, both at product and process level, Mingazzini has never lost sight of its original purpose: in-depth analysis of customer needs, customized responses and utmost attention to detail. All this as an expression of the culture, lexibility and creativity that have made the “Made in Italy” famous and appreciated worldwide. Like a tailored suit, each plant is carefully designed and tailored with expertise and experience.

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Mingazzini S.r.l.

An exclusively family-owned business since the beginning in 1929, Mingazzini S.r.l. still keeps unchanged its brand pride and its values, handed down for four generations. These values, in perfect combination with the technological upgrading and innovation, over time have created a modern company that continues to pay close attention to the customer: not only in terms of the highest quality of the product, but also for an excellent level of pre- and after-sales service.

Our history and know-how to answer to every new and challenging need of the Customer

All this in order to create a concrete proactive and one-to-one cooperation relationship with the customer. Production has been always focused exclusively on steam boilers for industrial use, in particular on medium pressure fire tube boilers. Nowadays, Mingazzini steam boilers PB_EU series, three passes design with passing flame, cover ratings from 2,000 to 30,000 kg/h. PVR_EU series boilers, back flame design, cover ratings from 350 to 5,000 kg/h. Main technical features of firetube steam boilers include:

  • three passes to reach high efficiency;
  • wet back with reversal chamber totally immersed in water to widen the surface directly exposed to the flame and no refractory material to cut off maintenance costs, the loss of heat through radiation and the overheating of the rear tube plate;
  • big water content and a wide evaporating surface, so granting a high thermal volume and the best steam quality;
  • firetube with big diameter, to enhance the efficiency, always observing the most severe environmental standards for flue exhausts,
    Fox corrugated as a standard for boilers with ratings higher or equal to 10 t/h of steam, on request for lower ratings;
  • tube plates with rounded edges to uniformly absorb the expansion of the main body and the tube nest, functioning as real compensators, avoiding the risks of “breakage” typical of corner welded flat plates;
  • maximum accessibility and maintainability through hinged doors both in the front smoke chamber and the rear one for total and immediate accessibility to the smoke tubes and the tube plates (for cleaning, maintenance and ease of inspection on the part of the Authorities entrusted with periodic inspections).


Steam boiler mod. PB 200,
steam output 20,000 kg/h
Steam boiler mod. PB 70, complete with economizer,
steam output 7.000 kg/h

The increasing requests from process and energy industries led to the development of superheated water boilers for district heating with a capacity up to 17 MW (PB_HS series) and waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) downward cogeneration and process plants (PAS series).

With specific reference to the paper industry, Mingazzini acquired directly on the field a deep knowledge concerning the special needs of customers of different sizes, becoming a market leader capable of offering a complete service to the customer, also providing innovative solutions and aiming at specific needs in order to optimize investments in plants and save energy.


Turn-key boiler room, composed of n. 3 steam boilers mod. PB 120, equipped with energy recovery system, steam output of each boiler: 12,000 kg/h
Turn-key boiler room, composed of n. 3 steam boilers mod. PB 120, equipped with comburent air preheater, steam output of each boiler: 12,000 kg/h

Mingazzini’s R&D is constantly focused on the introduction of state-of-the-art solutions for the design and the efficient management of boiler rooms of any size, including boilers especially configured for operating without continuous supervision up to 24-72 hours.

Furthermore, R&D is continuously developing innovative technological solutions that guarantee energy saving and environmental protection with actual efficiency up to 98% and minimum levels of CO2 emissions. Systems for remote supervision and management of the whole plants can also be provided. With the same values and the same commitment that animate Mingazzini since 1929, the company is ready to face the new challenges for the future.


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