Mingazzini S.r.l.

Mingazzini S.r.l.


Since its origin in 1929, Mingazzini Srl has always been dedicated to the manufacturing of more and more powerful boilers, up to the realization of today’s thermal plants, for industrial productions on a wide scale.

Nowadays it manufactures steam boilers and superheated water boilers carefully designed and tailor-made on the Customer’s industrial specific needs. Seeking for advanced technological solutions granting at the same time energy saving and environmental protection led to the production of boilers with real efficiencies up to 96,5% and low emissions values.

Furthermore Mingazzini Srl manufactures heat recovery boilers to be installed downstream cogeneration and process plants. It is also able to supply all the equipment for the efficient management of boiler rooms of any size.


address: Via Pini 29/A, 43126, Parma, Italy

phone: +39 0521 1880611

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Mingazzini Lucia

General Manager
Orlandini Amilcare

Chief Financial Officer
Mingazzini Ugo

Sales manager for paper industry
Orlandini Umberto