OCME that made innovation as one of its missions, promptly dealt with the evolution of 4.0 industry, giving an efficient and ahead of time system. AGV Manager 4.0 is, in fact, the new tool to supervise and control traffic to give moving and logistics solutions that can create “smart factories” totally connected and flexible, with a high level of efficiency and a total automatization of the movements control, granting perfect traceability of all data during each phase of the process.

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LGV Auriga RT H.
LGV Auriga RT H.

AGV Manager 4.0 offers many advantage

Multiplatform access: access to functions of the system takes place through Web client (browser), making it independent from hardware and the system used by users.
Centralized distribution: the application is on the server therefore distribution and updates done on the server is automatically available for all clients.
Context of execution: a Web-based system can be executed in an Internet or Intranet environment.
Responsive web design: with responsive technology, graphics and structure (layout) of a web page, it adapts on every screen with best visualization in each resolution.
Mobility: access to data, information and system functionality, it can take place in every place and from each position.
Scalability: system dimensioning, in terms of users number, can be easily adapted to evolutions, either growth or rescaling.
Software personalization: though access control it is possible to personalize the software in a quicker and more effective way.
Traceability: data connected to moved loads are registered in a way to track the load in each path taken and where it is in the plant in each moment.
Cloud: production data is archived in the cloud where it can be consulted by the customer that requests it.
Analytics: based on the archived data, AGV Manager 4.0 does a prediction of the faults and proactive maintenance.

Architecture of the AGV Manager 4.0 is composed of four software modules

AGV Manager Service: this software controls the level of work of each LGV vehicle in the plant. Access to the service functions is done through Web Client. In this way all browsers connected to the AGV Manager 4.0 have the possibility to visualize the plant sinoptics, the list of missions operating, etc.
Traffic Manager Service: this is the software that controls the traffic of LGVs. The TM uses routing algorithms to calculate the best path that compromises the shortest way and traffic found.
PLC Manager Service: this is the software that reads field data and it is the mediator between the AGV Manager and the material part of the system.
AGV Statistics Service: this is the software that collects data of the system, handles database and log collection for activities done by the system. Access to functions of the service through Web Client. Here below many of the functions offered by the software service: exaustive representation of statistical data in direct visualisation and on reports generated in PDF, CSV etc; possibility to have data on efficiency and production of LGV system. It can verify the number of missions for each LGV and in each area of the plant, showing strength and weaknesses of the plant; traceability of production data; monitoring and registration of activities done by users; alarms history and at least possibility to predict faults and predictive maintenance.

AGV Manager.

OCME’s mission is to be a company where and with whom it is easy to work

AGV Manager 4.0 system is an important upgrade that allows companies to optimise productive processes in terms of time and resources. It can be applied to the whole LGV range, including the last developed Auriga 14RT-H (Reach Truck-high), the retractable cart that can work inside narrow lanes and in height. 4.0 evolution is part of the developing project that OCME is involved in, including the next launch of the Auriga 30CT-ATL (Automatic Truck Loading), the LGV vehicle to automatically load trucks.