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In today’s market, reducing expenses and production time and effectively managing asset life cycles are essential factors for the competitiveness of capital-intensive companies. To this end, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a critical decision-making tool to proactively assess the effectiveness of industrial plants and their components in the long run and to ensure their continued functionality. In this perspective, Körber commits to reducing TCO by maximizing the OEE of paper converters, thanks to its ecosystem, which integrates technologies and services designed to simplify the entire tissue manufacturing and packaging process, for roll and fold.

Alessandro Borelli, Customer Service Director of Körber Business Area Tissue.
Alessandro Borelli, Customer Service Director of Körber Business Area Tissue.

“There are over 20,000 machines installed by Körber Business Area Tissue worldwide. As a technology leader, we have an assistance-dedicated structure, which provides field-tested technical skills able to maintain high plant performance in the long term. More and more customers rely on the experience of OEMs and this is testified by the fact that sales of the entire service chain recorded a growth rate of 44.7% from 2018 to 2022. Körber Business Area Tissue guarantees qualified and proactive technical support remotely or on site to minimize downtime and support customers in identifying and solving problems, so that the installed base is always up to date. In 2022 alone, over 500 on-field activities were performed, most of which were Technical Improvement Programs (TIP), technical adjustments made to new and old-generation systems to assure high standards of safety and efficiency and reduce environmental impact” – says Alessandro Borelli, Customer Service Director of Körber Business Area Tissue. Based on the most recent technologies, Körber Business Area Tissue’s TIPs give lines new life and sometimes a new registration and CE marking based on customer needs in order to keep their investments tenable in the long run.

Shaping your success in tissue

The Körber ecosystem integrates technologies and services designed to simplify the entire tissue manufacturing and packaging process, for roll and fold.

New electrical cabinet TIP

With the replacement of the entire electrical cabinet for wrappers and bundlers, Körber’s solution guarantees stabilization and machine performance enhancement up to 20%. The latest generation 4.0-ready components for the motor logic, axis control and on-board machine systems simplify the command interface and eliminate any obsolescence. For example, electronic limiters instead of physical systems are more efficient in containing critical forces resulting in a significant reduction in the wear-and-tear of mechanical parts. Furthermore, the installation of the Mguard system for the Expert Online connection simplifies troubleshooting thanks to a prompt remote intervention by Körber technicians.

Thermocameras TIP plus Fire Fighting System

The main advantage of this improvement program by Körber Business Area Tissue is the prompt detection of anomalous heat accumulations on all converting and packaging lines by using high-detailed thermal images.
The latter determine whether there are drifts in the expected temperature parameters, anticipating breakdowns and machine downtime. An advanced fire detection system can also be installed on all lines, eliminating the use of optical sensors and freeing it of dust, oil, water and dirt disturbances. Finally, a low-pressure water mist system that uses shed-supply water extinguishes fires. These solutions safeguard both operators and the capital invested in high-value equipment.

Auto web starter and Easy Reel change TIPs

Körber’s Easy reel change allows the replacement of finished reels on traditional medium and high-level tissue unwinders without automatic Reel change systems, and the restart of production in just 90 seconds with standardized and repeatable procedures. Auto web starter revolutionizes the paradigm of the manual web thread-up, making the overall process safer for the operator and reducing costly downtime due to unexpected paper break or production change restarts. The automated process follows a three-step system. First, the insertion of the flap of paper into suitable plastic shuttles hooked to the belt allows operators to govern the machine’s start-up from the HMI panel outside the perimeter casing.
Second, with suitable configuration, the shuttles carrying the paper are automatically swapped on distinct belt branches. Finally, the line can be restarted automatically behind closed doors without any operator intervention. This standard technology for new plants is customizable on multiple existing lines.


Operators govern the machine’s start-up from the external HMI panel.



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