Digital printing on napkins: endless possibilities for success with the new Chameleon by OMET

Maximum flexibility and efficiency with the new Chameleon by OMET, the digital printing unit developed by OMET for the tissue market. Now Chameleon is available on all OMET machines, both for mechanical and vacuum folding solutions, and can process paper rolls from 180 mm up to 800 mm. The highest printing quality is guaranteed up to speed of 200 m/minute on any kind of paper, including point-to-point embossed napkins and airlaid materials (non-woven fabrics), with low pre-printing costs and different graphics for each napkin.

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Chameleon by OMET offers superior performances and quality to tissue converters, who are looking for solutions both economical and brilliant in the eyes of the market. Digital technology allows an increase of efficiency with cost reduction, and an upgrade of the portfolio with innovative proposals. Its endless possibilities for customization allow customers to use folded products as a marketing tool, going beyond their innate use.

OMET tissue converting machines combine full digital controls, ease of use and high printing capabilities

Digital printing ensures also greater flexibility and speed in the execution of works: the easy configuration of the software used for managing the line is the key for shorter production and delivery times (just-in-time). It allows quicker job changes, the update of graphic projects anytime, the reprint of any subject as needed, without having to stock obsolete products.

Some samples of napkins printed by Chameleon, the inkjet digital printing unit by OMET.

“The amount requested for each printed subject is increasingly smaller”, explains Fabio Secondin, Digital Printing Manager of OMET Tissue Division. “Digital technology allows appropriate margins even in these cases because avoids start up and storage costs, increasing at the same time the ease of use of the machine. With digital printing, the product and the brand can be enhanced and increase their value in the tissue industry.”

This way, printers can efficiently support short runs for customized products, even with variable data. The cost reduction can reach 50%: you can print directly from files, with no need of plates, clichés or pre-press works. Chameleon digital printing by OMET is managed with a software installed on a PC on the machine: it’s simple and intuitive for any operator, it allows printing of all kinds of graphics and variable data at a 200 meters per minute speed, with just-in-time delivery. Digital printing is a step beyond even in terms of color brilliance: it has a very wide color range with fine lines and very small texts, difficult to obtain with traditional printing technologies. This allows the printing of high quality photographic and landscape images: photography is the top level of product customization, because the number of prints originated from digital images taken by users is really booming.

More than 50 years of passion and excellence

A TV 503 configured with Chameleon inkjet printing unit has been showed during last OMET open house in occasion of Tissue World Milan 2019.

“Now digital printing is available on all machines of the OMET portfolio, with the possibility of printing any type of material”, says Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales & Marketing Director. “We are going to satisfy one of the most important requests of converters, who increasingly need to differentiate and offer new ideas for final products: for example, companies using product customization for their marketing campaign, for particular events, or users of online printing services. OMET’s continuous innovation and technology allow them to take advantage of more and more flexible production opportunities and increasing levels of automation.”


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