A perfect synergy for the development of complete lines for the tissue industry

OMET Tissue division is well known worldwide for the high technology and efficiency of its machines for napkins, towels and other disposable tissue and non-woven products. Moreover, the market evolution has brought further innovations: on the one hand the launch of machines for new products, on the other hand a new commercial approach.

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Today OMET proposes itself as a “Full Service Provider”, by gathering the needs of its customers and guiding them through the design, construction and production of the complete line from the reel to the palletization. OMET has developed its own range of solutions for primary and secondary packaging that perfectly fit its production lines, but it also offers customized solutions for automatic packaging and cartoning, in partnership with specialized and selected suppliers.

Perfect packaging solutions.
Fully servo-driven OMET case packer.

Innovation with passion

In this perspective, in 2022 OMET consolidated a strong partnership with PRB Innovation, an Italian company based in Imola (Emilia Romagna) specialized in the production of end-of-line packaging machines. PRB was founded in 1980 in the heart of the Emilian Packaging Valley and developed rapidly, transforming itself from a small company into a highly competitive enterprise with flexible and cutting-edge technical solutions. The company was among the first to develop servo-driven machines as early as the 90s, a period in which the market still offered mechanical solutions. PRB’s range of machines covers the entire secondary packaging segment, from continuous and alternate cartoners to bundling-overwrapping machines, to horizontal and vertical case packers and palletizers.

The palletizer P100: the best point of arrival for every packaging line.

With over 5000 machines installed worldwide, the company has consolidated a tight relationship with its customers over the years, being able to guarantee after-sales service on even very old machines. Long-standing partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers of electronic components ensure constantly cutting-edge technological content, also responding to the needs of the geographical area for which the machines are targeted.

The synergy with OMET is based on PRB’s acquired expertise in the packaging of products in the most diverse markets, from Food & Beverage to Confectionery to Health care and on the consolidated OMET brand, as well as on its technological and productive strength. Case packers and palletizers developed for these sectors have been optimized and tailored to support OMET in the manufacturing of complete lines for the tissue industry. Today PRB completes the OMET proposal with high-performance machines such as the HC-200 cartoner, the SL-15 case packer and the P100 palletizer. This collaboration will allow OMET to offer customers even more efficient and automated complete lines for the various requirements of the tissue market.



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