FIBOPE PORTUGUESA commissions two machines for converting shrink film

In May 2018, IMS TECHNOLOGIES S.p.A., with its brand GOEBEL IMS and Laem System, disclosed their strategic partnership. Now, only shortly after, the two partnering machine manufacturers are delighted to announce the commissioning of two machines by FIBOPE PORTUGUESA.

FIBOPE PORTUGUESA commissions two machines for converting shrink film

The renowned client produces flexible packaging films and is part of the Canadian Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG). IPG is one of the global market leaders in the packaging industry and manufactures paper and film-based tapes, polyethylene and polyolefin films as well as various other flexible packaging films.

FIBOPE PORTUGUESA awarded Laem System a contract for two machines for converting shrink film. Both the highly productive center-surface slitter rewinder and the fully automatic center folder constitute strategic assets for FIBOPE’s future growth and profitability. Such a strategic investment requires an extensive know-how in the manufacturing of converting machinery for polyolefin shrink film – something that Laem System and its partner GOEBEL IMS both offer.

The contracts for the two converting machines were signed last week – representing a positive signal that the new strategic alliance of the two manufacturing specialists has been well received by the market. “We appreciate the trust FIBOPE has put in us and look forward to further strengthen our partnership with the IPG Group. Together with our strategic associate GOEBEL IMS, we can continue to offer our customers the best solutions by bundling our companies’ strengths and portfolios”, states Davide Malki, Sales Manager of Laem System.

Laem System is an international brand specialized in the manufacturing of machines for the converting and flexible packaging industries founded in 1972. Its machine program includes twin-shaft machines and compact slitter rewinders as well as high automation machinery for paper, film, flexible packaging materials and coated materials. The brand is a new member of IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP and GOEBEL IMS.

GOEBEL IMS has been at the forefront of mechanical engineering and construction for over a century and is a leading provider of high-performance slitter rewinders for a wide range of materials. These are, among others, paper and board, cigarette paper, plastic film and aluminum foils, aseptic packaging and other special materials. The company is a member of the IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, an international reference point in manufacturing machinery as well as engineering and service solutions for industrial sectors such as the converting, automotive and other industries.

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