Tecno Paper Srl

Tecno Paper Srl


Tecno Paper Srl is focused on winding systems technology and its core business is supplying brand new and rebuilding of winders for Tissue, Kraft, Fine papers and others. The competitive advantage of the company is the flexibility and optimization of its products and solutions. Tecno Paper has a customer oriented philosophy, in terms of always delivering tailored solutions according customers’ specific needs. Delivering customized products with innovative technology is a result of ongoing R&D, of study of solutions and of the attitude of approaching the customer in a way to understand his product particularity and real needs. Thanks to highly skilled and vastly experienced technical staff, Tecno Paper is able to offer to customers a unique product and a full range of after sale services.


address: Via S. Martino, 36, 55014, Marlia (Lucca) , Italy

phone: +390583299023

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