AFT Aikawa Fiber Technologies

AFT Aikawa Fiber Technologies


AFT is a global supplier specialising in screening and refining technologies for chemical and mechanical pulps, paper machine approach flow systems, and fiberline technologies for recycling and deinking operations. With over a century of experience in manufacturing and supplying tailored solutions, AFT improves mill performance with trademarked advancements such as Finebar ultra low intensity refining, Max energy efficient screening, POM wet end systems, and more.  We take an upgrading approach to improve existing mill operations with custom engineered components and only consider replacing equipment when the economics dictate. We strive to provide a path to improvement that can be demonstrated and supported by investment returns.


address: 72 Queen Street, J1M 2C3 , Sherbrooke (Québec) , Canada

phone: 819 821 4930

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Jacques Beauchemin

Jacques Beauchemin

Marketing Manager
Debra Breed

Chief Financial Officer
Alain Couvrette

Human Resources Director
Jani Morin