A.Celli to rebuild Hiang Seng Fibre Container’s PM5

A.Celli to rebuild Hiang Seng Fibre Container’s PM5

Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co., an historical PMT customer, has chosen to rely on A.Celli for a complex and highly technological rebuilding intervention on their PM5 located in Bangkok, Thailand.

A.Celli/PMT know-how will make possible to rebuild the PM5 headbox, converting it from single to double-layer with the aim of improving the testliner printability.The intervention, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, will also increase the flexibility of the PM5 to make the best use of the different furnishes.

This project demonstrates A.Celli’s commitment to the former Beloit/PMT customers, confirming its desire to be a specialized partner available for any type of support.

Mr. Sarunyou, Hiang Seng owner, says: “I’ve worked with PMT for a long time, and their service has always been great. When I heard that they were now member of the A.Celli Group, I was excited to see what they could do. I have to say, the solution they proposed was exactly what we needed to improve the quality of our testliner. I know I can count on A.Celli to continue to improve Hiang Seng’s performance”.

About Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co.

Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co., Ltd., established in its present form in 1968, is a producer of a wide range of paper and corrugated products. Nowadays is one of the largest integrated paper and packaging manufacturer in Thailand, serving about 30% of the domestic market. 

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