700 Winders sold worldwide

700 Winders sold worldwide

A.Celli attains an important goal: 700 Winders sold worldwide, and celebrates to the tune of “more than winding… the best in winding!”

Goals are the foundation of every strategy and every business activity. But goals are made to be exceeded, limits to be surpassed and records to be broken. That is why the A.Celli Group is extremely proud to have attained this particular goal: 700 winders sold!

700 jewels forged through experience and know-how, ambassadors of A.Celli quality and of created-in-Italy.

700 instruments of efficiency and safety, representative of the A.Celli brand in forty-six nations all over the world.

700 different types of productions – never the same, but always synonymous of quality.

It is not chance, it is not a question of luck. It is proof of a healthy strategy, of constant commitment by A.Celli toward its customers and of the passion for its work in the continuous quest for excellence.

This goal, that confirms A.Celli’s position among the major global producers of machines for paper, tissue and nonwovens, sets the stage for a new chapter in the history of the company.

After 70 years of experience, 700 becomes a new starting point for A.Celli.

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