Suzano starts poduction of new fluff pulp

Suzano starts poduction of new fluff pulp

Suzano recently announced that it has launched production and sales of a new fluff pulp called Eucafluff.

According to Suzano, it is the world’s first company to use hardwood fiber to produce fluff, mainly for the sanitary paper market.

Tests show Eucafluff’s potential to replace 70% of fibers in feminine hygiene and 30% in diapers. As for performance, one of the advantages of the new fiber is its lower energy consumption during processing and defibering, Suzano said.

The new product is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Suzano added.

The production of Eucafluff currently takes place at the company’s Suzano Unit in Sao Paulo, Brazil where earlier this year the company invested R$30 million in a project to enable an existing paper machine at the mill to have the flexibility to produce both eucalyptus fluff pulp and coated/uncoated wood-free paper.

The upgraded machine has the capacity to produce 100,000 tons per year of Eucafluff.

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