Since its introduction in 2013, the W+D FLOWTOS has established itself as a technological breakthrough for flow-wrap tissue folding and packaging machines. Since then, customers from Europe, South-America and Africa have profited from the highperformance capabilities and flexibility of the machine.

It not only optimizes the efficiency of tissue production but reduces the environmental footprint, i.e. by avoiding considerable amounts of foil and tissue waste.


Easy to operate, adjust and maintain

Thanks to its cantilevered design, the W+DFLOWTOS converter is extremely accessible and easy to load and maintain. Settings can be smoothly adjusted in a couple of minutes so that a wide range of product requirements and size variations can be produced in less time.

The number of handkerchiefs per pile can be flexibly changed from 5 to 15 tissues without exchanging any size parts, but merely via operation of the control panel. W+D FLOWTOS also offers precision vacuum folding technology for converting different tissue thicknesses from 2 to 4 layers.


The W+D Foilsplicer for single packages saves time and money.


It features a separate embossing section and a smoothing section for a superior finish, too. The new generation of tissue production also provides solid stability to ensure outstanding performance and productivity – around the clock.


Packaging over 460 single packs per minute

The W+D FLOWTOS single-pack wrapping and bundling unit transforms the way of packaging and stacking paper tissue products. The best-inclass materials and precision engineering ensure a smooth, reliable packaging platform at high speeds.

For example, the integrated high-class W+D cutting technology and quick-change knife roller guarantee a precise foil perforation of the more than 7 single packs produced per second. What’s more, as W+D FLOWTOS is made up of very few component parts, it is very easy to make the adjustments needed to vary package size and the number of sheets per package – for both standard and compact tissue formats. Over 460 single packs per minute can be packaged in bundles of 6 to 56 handkerchief packets.

W+D flow-wrap technology enables the W+D FLOWTOS packing unit to merge packaging foil and sheets with such accuracy that single-pack packaging is achieved at exceptionally high quality and operational efficiency.


The flexible W+D Tape Applicator for re-closable packages.


Tape Applicator for re-closable packages

The W+D Tape Applicator is designed in such a way that partial pre-glued adhesive tape can be applied in different sizes to a wide variety of different types of packages. It is ideally suited for applying closing tape to allow easy re-opening, even to different packaging types of tissue.

This system can be considered more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than label applicators or marking devices, too, because no waste in the form of carrier materials such as siliconized paper is produced. The W+D Tape Applicator is therefore ideally suited as an option of a label applicator for the tissue product line W+D FLOWTOS.


The innovative Autosplicer boosts productivity by up to 10%

With the W+D Autosplicer, the company has also developed a tissue-roll changer for handkerchief folders which saves up to 10% of machine downtime. The vacuum splicer ensures a stable mechanical bond between two tissue webs each made out of two plies or more.

A web-tension conditioner secures the constant tension of the tissue web. The new Autosplicer is available in two working widths, for two and four wide folders of W+D.


The new Foilsplicer for full-speed changes

An additional feature that enhances the already waste- and cost-effective technology of the W+D FLOWTOS is the W+D Foilsplicer. By automatically changing foil-rolls for single packages during full production speed, it is designed to guarantee a nonstop production.


Over 460 single packs per minute can be packaged in bundles of 6 to 56 handkerchief packets.


W+D FLOWTOS trainings to qualify operators worldwide

Worldwide FLOWTOS trainings are offered by W+D for operators and for maintenance staff as expert training. These professional trainings are highly recommended to optimize tissue production: they convey a structured knowledge of the machine, avoid possible misuse of the machine and enable the staff to find solutions for complex questions on their own. Finally, the trainings lead to an optimum of job preparation, machine maintenance, quality and efficiency in production.


W+D FLOWTOS training with operators from the Ivory Coast.


Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) offers a wide range of highly efficient, integrated system solutions for the mail and postal industry, as well as for the tissue and hygiene industry. With more than 100 years of industry-shaping innovations, W+D has core competence in the converting and processing of thin and in-homogeneous materials – such as paper, tissue and nonwovens – at high speeds and tight tolerances. With our innovative and tailor-made system solutions and services, W+D focuses on the entire internal value chain for their customers. Part of the Barry-Wehmiller family, W+D has production and distribution sites in Germany, Malaysia and the United States, with sales and service support around the world.