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W+D has its core competences in the converting and processing of inhomogeneous and thin materials such as paper, tissue and non-woven. In the Mail Solutions segment, W+D is the leading international manufacturer of customized, integrated systems for the manufacturing, printing, inserting and packaging of envelope-based mailings. The Hygiene Solutions segment encompasses system solutions for the manufacturing and packaging of tissue fold and hygiene non-woven products.

author: Richard Kluthe

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With its strong tradition of innovation, W+D has successfully introduced FLOWTOS –FLOW-wrap Tissue Operating System – a technological breakthrough that’s spearheading the next generation of flow-wrap tissue folding and packaging machines. Taking a holistic view of the production process, W+D FLOWTOS confronts today’s industry challenges and demands, and delivers high-performance capabilities that will not only optimize your efficiency – but will reduce your environmental footprint, i. e. by avoiding foil consumption. This innovation allows to customize settings to accommodate a wide range of product requirements and size variations. It is the industry’s fastest 2-lane paper handkerchief production and packaging line and offers high-performance servo motor technology for rapid product change-overs.

Easy to operate, adjust and maintain

Thanks to its design, the W+D FLOWTOS converter is extremely accessible and easy to load and maintain. It is possible to smoothly adjust settings in no time, giving the added flexibility needed to produce a wide range of formats according to Customer demands. The number of handkerchiefs per pile can be changed merely via the control panel without exchanging any size parts. W+D FLOWTOS also offers a precision vacuum folding technology for different tissue thicknesses and features a separate embossing section and smoothing section for superior finish. Its star-type unwinder and cantilevered structure provides solid stability to ensure outstanding performance and productivity – right around the clock.

Up to 460 single packs per minute

The W+D FLOWTOS single-pack wrapping and bundling unit will transform the way to package and stack paper tissue products. It combines best-in-class materials and precision engineering to ensure a smooth, reliable packaging platform at breathtakingly high speeds. What’s more, as W+D FLOWTOS is made up of very few component parts, it is very easy to make the adjustments needed to vary package size and the number of sheets per package – for both standard and compact tissue formats. Up to 460 single packs per minute can be packaged in bundles of 6 to 56 handkerchief packets. W+D flow-wrap technology also enables the W+D FLOWTOS packing unit to merge packaging foil and sheets with such accuracy that single-pack packaging is achieved at exceptionally high quality and operational efficiency.

The new Tape Applicator

The W+D Tape Applicator is designed in such a way that partial pre-glued adhesive tape can be applied in different lengths to a wide variety of different types of packages. It is ideally suited for applying closing tape to allow easy re-opening, even to different packaging types of tissue.

This system can be considered more environmentally-friendly than label applicators or marking devices, too, because no waste in the form of carrier materials such as siliconized paper is produced. Furthermore, these pre-glued materials are more cost-effective than labels and thus make the packaged product more competitive. The W+D Tape Applicator meets the highest demands for efficiency and is therefore ideally suited as an option to a label applicator for the tissue product line W+D FLOWTOS.


The innovative Autosplicer boosts your productivity

W+D has also developed a new tissue-roll changer for handkerchief folders which operates at full production speed and saves time. Items like adhesive or tape are redundant which additionally saves money. It ensures a stable mechanical bond between two tissue webs each made out of two plies or more. A web-tension conditioner secures a constant tension of the tissue web. The splice is automatically made at the pre-marked point. The new autosplicer is available in two working widths, for two and four wide folders of W+D.

The next generation of tissue production

W+D FLOWTOS offers high-performance capabilities that not only optimize operational efficiency – but gives users the features, flexibility and ability you need to adapt to changing conditions: Revolutionary W+D flow-wrap technology for maximum flexibility in format and size; Fast and easy variable product count – 5-15 sheets per pile; Up to 460 single packs per minute can be packaged in bundles of 6 to 56 handkerchief packets; Integrated W+D-MasterCut® technology and quick-change knife roller for precise foil perforation; Easy accessibility and low maintenance thanks to cantilever design and gear-free, drivebelt-free system; Modular design ensures ease with future upgrades.

W+D FLOWTOS is not only a magnificent piece of engineering with truly new technological solutions to the market. It embodies a whole new dimension of production and is about to change the game in the paper tissue industry.

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