W+D BICMA builds world’s fastest production line of tissue handkerchiefs

W+D 624 R produces up to 10,000 tissue handkerchiefs per minute, then wraps them in individual packets and bundles those packets as retail units.

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Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) have been active in the hygiene sector since 1976. In the 1980s, they developed the first four-lane handkerchief-converting machine, followed in 2013 by the W+D’s FLOWTOS as an innovative two-lane system. W+D-make handkerchief production machines have been successful for decades. They make up a market share of 95% in Europe. When W+D acquired BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH in 2018, the Personal Hygiene business unit was strengthened as a result. In order to bundle the joint competencies and communicate them to the outside world, W+D and BICMA have been operating under the new brand name W+D BICMA Hygiene Solutions since the beginning of 2021. The introduction of the world’s fastest production line for the manufacture and packaging of tissue handkerchiefs is the next big step for W+D BICMA.

Market leadership and turnkey solutions

Single packaging of handkerchief packages featuring optimized cell-wheel technology

As a fully automated high-speed complete system for the mass market, the new W+D 624 R line achieves a peak output of up to 10,000 tissue handkerchiefs per minute. Based on the successful W+D 624.03, the system was supplemented with the new, but already hundredfold proven cell-wheel technology to packaging individual packets of handkerchiefs. The linear insertion movement of the product stack filling the cell-wheel was function optimized. As a result, it now features increased process reliability. In this way, stack-counts of 5 up to 15 handkerchiefs, however, generally ten are neatly and reliably packaged.


Optimized cell-wheel
to include the opening perforation of individual packets
Inline film-splicer
with retractable perforation roller module.

Size changeover-times slashed by 70%

Also, a size-change can be performed in parallel at the converter and the single-packet packager. Direct cooperation with W+D’s customers resulted in optimizing the counting and transfer stations in a way that the time needed to change size and fold has been shortened by about 70% compared to other machine types. In addition, the service-life of the roller used to apply the opening-perforation into the film of each single packet has been increased by 50%.
The latest FLOWTOS technology contributed numerous other functions.

The established tape applicator, the two-lane pack collator and the bundle packer were modified especially. This allows bundling of 6 to 96 packets to form one retail pack, and a cycle-rate of up to 120 packs per minute.

Autosplicers for tissue and foil boost process reliability and user-friendliness

Web widths of 800 mm to 848 mm can be varied for different sizes. W+D’s proven tissue autosplicer type 194.40 is part of the standard 624 R line. It has been modified for higher production speeds, enabling customers to continue utilizing the raw materials previously used in production despite increased machine output. At the same time, it also provides the machine operator with the familiar operating environment. In addition, the integration of an inline autosplicer of the single-packet foil into the machine, as with the W+D FLOWTOS, increases not only ease of operation but also process reliability as web path of the film is shortened.

Mobile HMIs with 7-meter movement radius facilitate operating the machine.

New design ensures easier operation

Moreover, there have been other refinements to design and user-friendliness of the W+D 624 R. The machine was given a new, more ergonomic protective enclosure and sound proofing, which means that all machine areas are now easily accessible. For example, the enclosure of the converter and the exterior hydraulic embossing unit was enlarged to allow better access. The machine enclosure features many large windows, which ensure a good view of all production processes when the doors are closed. Another new feature is the perforating roller of the individual package film, which is independent of handkerchief size and fold-type. The entire station can easily be removed, e.g. for maintenance purposes, as it is mobile. Many other new features have also been added to ensure the best possible operability of the machine. The new W+D 624 R may safely be characterized as unique in the world for production levers, while at the same time offering high operating convenience.

A personal tour of the new W+D 624 R production line may be scheduled at any time by appointment at W+D BICMA in Neuwied.
Visit our website www.w-d.de

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