Waterlube® for the tissue industry

Suitable for lubrication of steel to steel, pin to pin, nested, micro-deco, micro-macro and perf and fan embossing processes. No flash point, no friction fires, 100% water-based formulation, 100% biodegradable, odourless.

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The Headquarters of WVT Industries NV in Belgium.
The Headquarters of WVT Industries NV in Belgium.

Since the company’s establishment in 1997, WVT Industries NV, with its headquarters in Aartselaar, Belgium and regional operations in France and Spain and asian operation in Singapore, has grown rapidly into  a leading manufacturer and supplier to the industrial cleaning market.

Their customers include companies from various industry sectors situated worldwide, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, the automotive industry, aviation, metalworking, printing and packaging, marine, waste management, and transportation businesses.

WVT Industries is a rapidly growing company that specialises in the research, development, production and marketing of industrial cleaning chemicals

In addition, WVT is also supplier to many Private Label customers in the Tissue Industry. WVT Industries provides customers with a broad range of safe and ecologically sound industrial cleaning products. Its product range is composed of over 650 items, varying from acids to strong alkaline cleaners. Additionally the company is able to respond to customer’s requests by developing specific cleaning chemicals to solve particular cleaning problems. The company attaches major importance to the environment and endeavours to ensure that its activities have the least possible impact in that respect. To achieve this aim, it ensures that all of its cleaning products are biologically degradable and bio-ergonomic.


Marry Roll
Steel roll

Tailored solution for the customer

For the production of all its detergents, WVT applies the state of the art technologies, using a sophisticated software that controls the accurate mixture of ingredients and the production line, where they can monitor production step-by-step, assuring that each recipe receives exactly the correct amount. Automatic processing reduces human intervention to a minimum. The use of this technique enables them to adapt the detergent formulas to the customer’s needs and allows WVT to take into account important factors such as the nature of the pollution that has to be removed, the cleaning techniques and the ergonomic and environmental aspects.

After having received contaminated raw materials sent to them by their customers, the Research & Development laboratory analyzes important parameters like the nature of the contamination, the method of cleaning that is currently used (circulation, high pressure, etc), possibilities surrounding temperatures, the human parameters like whether protective gloves or other safety measures are permitted, the nature of the company (paper industry, printing, tissue converting, packaging, etc). With these parameters, WVT can quickly produce a tailored solution for their customer.


Waterlube® for the Tissue Industry


Steel Roll WL.



  •  pH – 8.6
  •  Relative density/20 degrees C – 1,001
  •  Flash point, degrees C – /
  •  Solubility in water – completely soluble

For the Tissue Industry, in the past few years WVT developed a 100% water-based product, Waterlube®, specially designed for use during the production of tissue toilet rolls and kitchen towel products in the Tissue Converting Industry. It is designed to replace the use of mineral oil lubricants, which have been traditionally used to avoid the build-up of glues on the steel rolls used in the lamination process with steel to steel rolls, pin to pin, nested, micro-deco, micro-macro, perf and fan.

The formulation is non-corrosive and will not damage surrounding surfaces or equipment. The product can be applied by spray, brush or felt applied in-line during the production process in an undiluted form guaranteeing a lower consumption with a saving of up to 30% compared with a comparable mineral lubricant. Technically Waterlube® benefits the customer as it has a neutral pH and is completely water-based; it has no flash point and it eliminates the possibility of friction fires generated by the process. Furthermore, it also has a food-grade approved formulation, therefore following today’s legal regulations. From ordinary everyday to the most complex cleaning solutions, WVT supplies the customer with a package of chemical cleaning options so that the converter can focus on their own core business.

WVT Industries provides customers with a broad range of safe and ecologically sound industrial cleaning products, with over 650 items, varying from acids to strong alkaline cleaners

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