Value Co-Generation. Cogeneration and Co-Creation. An acknowledgement to the customers

Solar Turbines, that is known for the production of energy generation solutions, would like to thank its actual and future customers, in return for the continuous communication of their new and improved requirements: it is the inspiration to develop new products and services satisfying the latest tasks of a challenging market.

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These circumstances are defined by the Harvard Business Review as “Co-creation”: working on new products and service ideas together with the customers, to produce a mutually valued outcome. Co-Creation will become the inspiration to further develop new products based on a reliable experience gained from over 1,200 industrial Co-Generation plants, with a population of more than 310 installations in the Tissue and Paper Industry.


The gas-turbine, Solar Turbines core product

The most recent models have been shown to be suited also to the needs of the paper industry by enhancing the Taurus 70 family, with versions producing 7.5 to 8.2 MWe, and the Titan 130, which ranges from 15 to 16.5 MWe. That power increase goes with reduced CO2 emissions, to meet paper mills’ energy requirements and its environmental sustainability.

Power Generation solutions for Pulp and Paper production


Enhanced Fuel Capabilities

Waste fuel capability – from biogas over natural gas to high hydrogen gas, increases the flexibility of fuel choice serving the emissions reduction: over 150 gas-turbines are operating successfully on gas fuel different from natural gas.


New Package design: The Plug & Play Concept by Solar Turbines

Leveraging the experience from over 1,200 installed packages in industrial environment, the new gas-turbine packages design criteria are for example a Co-Generation focused design, operative costs reduction, higher uptime and compatibility with the Industry 4.0 concepts: the PGM Package family is based on a Plug & Play concept and available for Solar Turbines products from 3.5 MWe up to 16.5 MWe.


Maintenance with InSight Augmented Reality

IoT and Industry 4.0 approach

Enhancing customers competitiveness is not only a matter of developing new gas-turbines: Solar Turbines is embracing the Industry 4.0 concept as a basis to maximize the CHP plant uptime, take full advantage of incentives benefits (where available) and access the smart grid opportunities, as well as for energy storage purposes. Digital control systems are essential to monitor the performance of any production cycle and its energy requirements, at any time, allowing timely interventions, optimizing the process while reducing costs: balancing steam production and turbine power according to the requirements of the production cycle, the turbine is operated according to real needs, once again reducing CO2 emissions and, where possible and appropriate, sending excess electrical power either to smart cogeneration grids or to the new developed Solar Turbines Energy Storage.


LS 1000 – the Energy Storage by Solar Turbines

Based on the experience in designing gas-turbines packages with integrated control system, an energy storage system has been developed: that complete and integrated system, capable of managing energy changes, comes with a control system fully communicating with the gas-turbines packages as well as with the customers plant grid and the national grid. The Plug & Play storage module, designed as self-contained, forklift solution, is equipped with its own control system managing the thermal control, the on-board power conversion system as well as the firefighting system. The capacity of 1,000 kVA can be used either within 1 hour (LS 1000-1) or 4 hours (LS 1000 – 4).


Solutions by Integrated Applications

Solar Turbines waste experience within industrial cogeneration, is based on the knowledge of the production process, as for example the integration of a yankee hood system with the gas-turbine based cogeneration plant, using the turbine exhaust gases for direct drying purposes in the Tissue Paper production. Following a feasibility study, analyzing the value creation for the customer, Solar Turbines will give a Lifecycle support for the supplied gas-turbine package during the operation, maximizing the turbine uptime and performances by an unrivaled service, as well as closing the loop actual and future owner thanks to the asset redeployment team.

Solar Turbines, that produces energy generation solutions, is integrating sophisticated technologies capable to satisfy customers energy needs with a smaller environmental impact.


PGM 70 package



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