Turning ideas into innovative solutions. Improving the processing of tissue products together with SAUERESSIG

The requirements on tissue products are constantly growing. Designs are becoming more challenging, manufacturing techniques more complex. As a long-standing expert in the tissue industry, SAUERESSIG Surfaces is constantly responding to current market developments and continues to work on forward-looking technologies and process improvements.

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The company has been known for its creative design development, its expertise in technical construction and the production of embossing rollers, as well as for the assembly of individual machines and highly accurate calendar technologies – thus ensuring a qualitatively compelling and effective processing of tissue products like kitchen towels, toilet paper, napkins and handkerchiefs, in a wide variety of manufacturing processes.
Moreover, as a company that has been pursuing a culture of innovation, a well-positioned Research and Development department can be found as a matter of course.
In addition to SAUERESSIG’s in-house Competence Center and of particular interest for the tissue industry, a new pilot plant has been installed as well.

New pilot plant further expands testing possibilities of tissue products

The SAUERESSIG production site in Mönchengladbach, Germany, has been established in the surfaces market segment for many years. With the installation of the in-house pilot plant, customers gain the opportunity to evaluate the performance of tissue products under realistic operating conditions. With a production speed of up to 650 m/min and equipped with three unwinders, the system impresses with a high degree of efficiency. Embossing technologies, including nested and top-to-top as well as pre-embossing are possible. Gluing of the front and back sheet can be easily implemented thanks to two gluing units. This way, the facility opens the possibility to develop new prototypes with various technical properties and to test unique designs in the tissue segment, before manufacturing the actual production roller. One of the greatest benefits of this proceeding? It lies in opening new market opportunities with low investment risk. The insights gained at in-house tests are promising and might be pioneering for further innovations.

“We are highly pleased that the first successful tests involving tissue applications have taken place – says Andreas Greving, Sales Manager Tissue – and we are looking forward to further developments, test series and Research Programms in the near future“. Renowned customers like WEKO have already recognized the potential and a specialized WEKO unit has been installed to enable tests including the application of fluids.

In-house pilot plant expands testing possibilities of tissue products


State-of-the-art laser technology extends production capacities of hygienic rollers

Not only in the field of testing facilities new systems have been implemented recently. SAUERESSIG has also extended its production capacities. A Cellaxy V5 XL laser with state-of-the-art laser technology has completed the first production rolls successfully. It allows for high-precision engravings with excellent detail variety and highest resolution. When it comes to the tissue segment, the new addition to SAUERESSIG’s machinery pool is ideally suited for direct laser engraving in steel, due to its high engraving speed and strong material removal. Hygienic rollers, for instance for handkerchiefs and napkins, thus can be produced with a high degree of cost-effectiveness. Steffen Völker, Managing Director Surfaces, sums up the benefits as follows: “The new technology enables us to offer our customers maximum implementation of their designs. At the same time, we score with short delivery times and can guarantee consistently high reproducibility”.

Turning ideas into powerful technologies


Direct laser engraved match steel rolls for napkins, “patent pending”

With direct laser technology, SAUERESSIG Surfaces can implement solutions for bonding tissue layers and achieves the greatest possible ply bonding effect in napkin production. Talking in term of embossing process, the benefit can be seen in the low compenetration between male and female needed to reach the required ply-bonding, which also drastically reduces vibration and noise as a side effect. In addition, the low compression results in a low side volume, which allows perfect planarity of the napkin pack.

This is just one example of how the company keeps turning ideas into innovative solutions. With ventures to come, SAUERESSIG keeps on focusing on forward-looking technologies and process improvements.

Newly installed Cellaxy V5 XL



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