This company, established in the heart of the paper district of Lucca in 1993, has grown quietly yet
efficiently into one of the most important partners for Italian and European companies producing and processing different types of paper.


Cardboard cores, at the core of the business, as the figures prove

Tubicom, which can boast well-established partnerships with all tissue companies and an output of millions of tubes a year, took advantage of prestigious international showcases in 2017, to meet their clients as well as to get the latest news and learn of the technological advancements in the manufacture of tissue.

With over 24 years of experience in the manufacture of tubes for paper mills, Tubicom has grown into a leader in expertise and technology. The company’s pride and joy is a product of superior quality: the large-diameter cardboard tube.


Large-diameter tubes: high rotational speed and robustness in the most stressful conditions for perfect reusability

This distinctive tube has led the company to broaden its business beyond Italy and reach many clients across Europe. Total customization is the key imperative for all their large-diameter cardboard tubes. Every single detail and technical specification is agreed upon with the client.

The inside diameter can range from 76 mm to 600 mm, with a maximum thickness of 30 mm and other different specifications depending on the final intended use. Every day, Tubicom technicians test the products against the strict UNI 10328 and ISO 11093 standards.


Large-diameter Tubes.
Large-diameter Tubes.


Another important achievement of the company is UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management certification. Last year’s innovations in manufacturing included the launch of an optical monitoring system for the gluing process which delivers the highest quality standards and thereby ensures the tubes are manufactured in compliance with the relevant technical specifications.

In addition, the tests and simulations carried out in the lab and on the paper machines ensure these large-diameter cardboard tubes meet compression strength, wear resistance, torsional strength, high rotational speed and resistance to the most stressful conditions.

Another distinctive feature is that they are extremely practical in that they are reusable: Tubicom tubes may be reused in the manufacturing cycle over and over again, without buckling or wearing out.


Lab test.
Lab test.


Stock on Demand, Tubicom’s solution for all your storage problems

The company has devised an exclusive service for every type of tube: Stock on Demand, a helpful and effective service aimed both at streamlined planning of the manufacturing cycle and easier management of the client’s stock. Consequently manufacturing costs are reduced.

Stock on Demand is the solution developed by Tubicom to fulfil its clients’ logistic requirements: the company takes great care of every single processing step, from the packaging to the delivery of the tubes. Every year, the company offers a wide range of packaging and packing options to meet customers’ needs: packages vertically arranged on pallets, on horizontal frames or on cradles.

Using the efficient Stock on Demand service, clients can order the tubes and receive them precisely when they need them, with shipments planned in multiple stages and delivered right on time.


Attention to environment and sustainability

The extended reusability of Tubicom products endorses not only the company’s respect for, but also its heartfelt belief in, caring for the environment. As its processes comply with the regulations on the disposal of special oils, recyclability and energy savings, no pollutants are released by the manufacturing cycle.


Tubicom is one of the most important partners for Italian and European companies producing and processing different types of paper


Waste is 100% recyclable, and separate waste collection is employed at all Tubicom sites. From tube selection, to investment appraisal, and right through to warehousing, Tubicom provides Italian and European companies and paper mills with the best professional advice.

Staff assist customers step by step throughout the manufacturing cycle, ensuring the provision of tubes of extraordinary quality together with a timely, unfailingly flexible tailored service.