Toscotec recognized as global leader of turnkey tissue projects

In the last 15 years, Toscotec has specialized in the delivery of turnkey projects, providing more than 20 turnkey projects across the world. Based on this substantial experience, the Italian manufacturer has become the global leading supplier of turnkey tissue projects.

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Toscotec’s turnkey scope of supply encompasses the entire tissue making plant, with the only exception of the civil works. The scope includes the complete stock preparation plant (tanks, chests, agitators, the piping system, stock and water pumps and instrumentation), Toscotec’s patented TT SAF (Short Approach Flow) system, the tissue line, crescent former or TAD, and its auxiliaries (vacuum plant, hood and air system, steam and condensate plant, dust and mist removal systems), the water treatment plants, the electrical power plant with cabinets, motors, cables and accessories, the control system, the compressed air system, the steam generators, the bridge cranes, the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), the chemical preparation skids, and the complete package of services including the plant erection, commissioning and start-up, operational and maintenance training, and the technical/operational support after start-up to achieve the guaranteed performances.

Projects all over the world

The sites of installation extend across four continents, with projects in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Every project has specific logistic requirements and it often demands compliance to local standards of machinery manufacturing, with required coordination with local governmental bodies. This is part of the reason why Toscotec’s considerable flexibility and continuous communication with customers play a crucial role in the successful completion of complex projects such as turnkeys. Over 70% of Toscotec’s turnkey projects install its top of the line AHEAD tissue machine, with paper width ranging from 2.7 m to 5.6 m, capacity up to 250 t/d and operating speed exceeding 2,000 m/min.

Toscotec AHEAD - Bel Papyrus, Nigeria.

Toscotec’s competitive edge is threefold

Cristina Brocchini, Toscotec’s VCTO/Process & Project Engineering Manager says: “Our first competitive advantage as turnkey supplier is our internal ability to manage complex projects, based on the extensive experience we gained over 15 years”. The vast scope of supply of turnkey projects demands remarkable management skills and fine-tuned internal coordination. Cristina Brocchini points out: “The entire engineering is developed internally, which means that 100% of the plant design is completed by Toscotec’s technical department, including all processes (stock, water, vacuum, hood, steam, dust, mist etc.)”. The second advantage Toscotec offers as turnkey supplier is its proven capability to expertly deal with all kinds of raw materials.

Toscotec has significant experience in the full range of fiber types, including virgin fibres, recycled paper, non-wood (bamboo, bagasse and others) and de-inked fibres, pre-dried, flash or slush. Brocchini says: “With turnkeys we can go a long way towards truly tailoring the process and the plant to the customer’s needs. As for recycled fibres, we provided stock preparation systems on several turnkey plants in Africa and Europe.

One partner for an integrated solution. Top technology complete lines designed to guarantee customers the best result in terms of performance and return-on-investment

Bel Papyrus PM3 was a rather challenging case. We supplied two stock preparation lines, one for virgin fibres and one for recycled, which could run as fully independent or together to get a mixed pulp. The recycled paper line included various screening stages, a low density cleaning system, a de-inking plant, two loops of washing, hot dispersion and two bleaching stations. We also supplied the sludge treatment system, which is crucial when it comes to recycled raw material”.

The third key advantage of Toscotec’s turnkey supply is its focus on saving energy and pushing the envelope on energy efficiency, across the entire plant. Heat recovery is Toscotec’s specialty, aimed to achieve the maximum possible thermal efficiency. On the air system, Toscotec can install up to five heat exchangers. Brocchini adds: “But the most important aspect is that before we start engineering a plant, we carry out a detailed analysis of the available energy streams and the local cost of energy sources. In order to reduce the operating cost of the mill, we balance the system, according to which source we can use and what it is more convenient to recover.” Toscotec will start up five new turnkey projects later this year and at the beginning of 2020.

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