TMC’s approach: long lasting efficiency

At first there were the machines, then came the service. But today only machine and services are not enough and must change. TMC understood this before others. This is the reason why TMC offers the market an integrated approach to projects and customers through a unique set of innovations and evolved services that together concur in the achievement of medium and long term goals: the efficiency of the plant, its continuity in terms of production and the minimum possible impact for the customer as far as resources and waste of time.


A forward-looking partnership

Innovating means overcoming the borders of the standard company-customer relationship. It means passing from a reactive service to a proactive organization, where TMC oversees all production and evolution dynamics of the plants over time.

TMC partnership model leads the customer throughout every phase of the cooperation and saving time and worries. A journey together where partnership starts way before sales, creating and sharing development plans focused
on challenging and attainable goals.


DNA MAP: the future is now

TMC arranges everything in order to guarantee perfect timing efficiency: from production flow monitoring to its fine-tuning, taking charge over proper operation to productivity. DNA MAP (Machines Analytics Platform) is TMC’s ultimate-generation web-based platform that monitors the data relative to the machine’s workflow in real time from PC, Smartphone or Tablet, accelerating the innovation processes focused on a consistent and “intelligent” industrial production. DNA MAP allows assessing maintenance interventions or evolutionary operations tied to plant improvement with a view towards overall efficiency.


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Packaging is in our DNA


A quality-oriented organization

Overtime TMC has perfected its organization to ensure customers top effectiveness and efficiency. TMC has defined and structured an entire company dedicated to the customer (AMS) to provide evolved, high-performing services. TMC has modified operational flows, empowering resources and introducing new professional figures. Every phase of the project passes through a structured and “scientific” quality control by the Quality Manager. Sales & Marketing Dept. double level organization: regional closer to local customers and global dedicated to multinationals. The Engineering Department’s resources are focused on:

  • continuing engineering: development of standard/consolidated machines.
  • custom engineering: development of tailored machines.
  • R&D: experimentation and development of new generation products.
  • Training Manager caters to training aspects.


“Push-pull” functional processes

In addition to the organization, TMC has also perfected its way of approaching project development and called it “push-pull”: horizontal on the order and vertical on the product. On one hand, order monitoring managed by the Project Leader, the person responsible for all project aspects related to efficiency, costs and timing – from start-up to SAT – guaranteeing customer satisfaction. On the other, product improvement managed by the Product Manager, with control and continuous development of effectiveness, quality, reliability of proposed solutions.


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TMC Worldwide

TMC machines throughout the world

  • 2,100+ machines installed
  • 800+ Europe
  • 600+ North America
  • 450+ South America
  • 200 Asia and Pacific
  • 100 Africa and Middle East
  • Over 100M USD yearly sales worldwide


Main facilities

  • TMC & AMS headquarters – Castel Guelfo – Italy
  • TMC North America – Appleton (WI) – USA
  • AMS do Brasil – Atibaia – Brazil