TKM is an internationally leading corporate group for more than 100 years. We have set standards in quality and innovation, technical competence and partnership. Our range of products includes high quality industrial knives, saws, doctor blades and precision consumable parts for industrial applications. Our technologies, products and our technical service are appreciated worldwide across many industries. We understand well the needs and wishes of our customers because we are in close touch with them. It is our goal to develop products and services which provide solutions to these needs.

We do not only sell a product, we sell a solution

Tissue Paper Industry

Our range of products for the tissue paper converting industry includes log saw blades (all OEM and all diameters), CBN grinding wheels (in-house production); lubrication systems; perforation and anvil knives (all types of machines); core cutting knives, blade guards, stainless steel doctor blades, packaging knives as well as knives for sheet products like towels; napkins and handkerchiefs.

TKM Log Saw Blades

The TKM GmbH is well known for its high-quality log saw blades. We are currently able to produce log saw blades for all types of machines, with diameters up to 1200 mm. Each TKM log saw blade is inspected and measured with the most modern and automated inspection equipment available. The most critical of these values, axial and radial run-out, are engraved on each blade for customer reassurance. For each log saw blade we have an internal protocol for future tracking purposes. Unique: we check the dynamic runout of every blade! The following benefits ensure a superior quality and performance:

  • Steel made in Germany
  • In-house heat treatment
  • Lateral runout 25% below OEM tolerance
  • Full automatic production
  • Full automatic inspection process.

Unique coating of TKM Log Saw Blades

The friction between the log saw blade and the tissue paper rolls (especially AFH/Jumbo rolls) often causes significant heating of the blade. This limits the number of cuts per minute and therewith the productivity of the machine.
TKM developed a type of metal-based coating that reduces the friction coefficient between blade and paper roll significantly. As the coating has a higher hardness than the blade steel it never wears away. The unique coating improves the machine productivity and the cutting quality.

TKM Service – Customer Support and Training

The best possible cutting quality and lifetime of the blades are the goals of every customer. TKM supports this goal with a two-parts training:

  • Technical workshops regarding cutting application (cutting technology and trouble shooting)
  • User-specific hands-on training

For our customers this training is executed free of charge. We are keen to find also for you the optimal solution. Find more information about the TKM Group on

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