The success of Carer trucks in paper industry

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In recent years, Carer electric trucks have established themselves in the panorama of material handling as the ideal machines for the storage and handling of paper. For these applications, mainly carried out in indoor structures, where reels of 2.5 tons and up are handled (up to 6 tons in some special applications), trucks with 6 to 9 tons of capacity are required: thanks to the versatility of its electric trucks, with performance in all respects comparable to that of diesel machines, Carer has established itself on the market in the paper sector, distinguishing itself from its competitors. The reasons for this success depend on a combination of factors:

  • the compactness of Carer trucks, with lengths even half a meter shorter than their competitors, which guarantees greater maneuverability when maneuvering in confined spaces;
  • high performance, which allows Carer electric trucks to compete directly with those driven by diesel engines;
  • the wide autonomy of use, which ensure a significant reduction in operating costs;
  • the absence of harmful gas emissions, vibrations and noise, with significant benefits for the environment and the health of operators.

A range of counterbalanced electric forklift trucks which can provide top performance levels with considerable savings on running costs

Carer A80X electric trucks are able to transport heavy reels horizontally with a center of gravity @1300 up to 2.5 meters in height.

Furthermore, the Carer electric trucks represent a great opportunity from an economic point of view for the paper mills and corrugators sector: with a constant use of 8 hours a day, which usually extends to at least two shifts with large-capacity trucks. In fact, electric machines guarantee greater energy efficiency compared to internal combustion engines, with annual savings of around 45.000 euros for each machine for power supply alone. A benefit that is amplified by the “home” production of electricity, a characteristic of most paper mills. The decisive reduction in total management costs is then further integrated by the significant containment of maintenance costs (service).

The range of Carer electric trucks for paper mills

Thanks to the versatility of its range, Carer supplies different types of electric trucks, with a huge range of machines ideal for every need in the paper industry:

  • the Z series, very compact and with a high seat, is extremely comfortable for those who stay on the machine all day and, until the advent of the A series, was the most present in the paper sector;
  • the F series, characterized by lower trucks, suitable for operators who have to get off and on frequently during work shifts, has two types of engines: H and HD² (Heavy Duty), which is the more powerful version;
  • the A series, with performance in all respects comparable to that of diesel machines, is composed of very versatile trucks and suitable for working also outdoors and on irregular floors.

The success of the A80X

Within the A series, the most successful model in paper mills is the compact A80X, the ideal machine for paper sector thanks to its high maneuverability: with a length of about half a meter shorter than its competitors and the possibility of operating with the single front wheel instead of the twin, is perfect for handling operations in the holds and in all the tightest spaces. The superelastic front tyre, not subject to punctures, also offers very high safety in handling inside the sheds and warehouses.

The excellent success of the A80X electric truck in paper sector is also the result of Carer’s commercial strategy, which, to better present its characteristics, allows customers to experience them directly, with a test within their structure. Many paper mills, after verifying its performance and handling, decided to purchase it, as proof of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of use of this electric truck.

Electricity, power, maximum reliability

Carer electric trucks are the ideal machines for the storage and handling of paper.



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