The sticking power of water

Something is missing in Futura’s latest innovation. And now it’s time to tell the industry why it matters.

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Water is not recognised for its adhesive properties, so when Futura proposes to discuss “the sticking power of water”, it’s natural that we should be curious.

JOI Hydro-Bond is a new technology from Futura, the tissue converting technology specialist. The name “JOI” is synonymous with advanced embossing and it is indeed revolutionary in its own right. But JOI Hydro-Bond is something entirely new. As the name suggests, Futura is talking about bonding with water. Something is missing?  Yes – it’s the glue.

Zero Deflexion Steel marrying roll.

The FuturaLab

The technology is the result of months of experimentation at FuturaLab – Futura’s hub of innovation – and the results have been a revelation. FuturaLab is a laboratory for ideas and technology. Staffed by a team of design engineers, technical experts and process specialists, it is home to a complete and full-scale pilot line, on which new technological standards are created and honed, and it frequently hosts customers seeking to realise their product and production ambitions.
“There are no chemical reactions at play here”, says Futura’s Chief Technology Officer Giovacchino Giurlani. “Perfect adhesion of the tissue plies is the result of a combination of the uniform nip pressure of JOI’s renowned Zero Deflexion steel marrying roll, which evenly connects the plies through a kind of creative destruction, using water to create permanence to the tissue-to-tissue bond which results.”



JOI Hydro-Bond innovation

The technology has been tested and proven under real-life operating conditions, using a wide variety of tissue, including conventional and structured. And thanks to collaboration with certain customers, Futura has been able to verify the process in everything from warm and humid to cold and dry climates, using the varied local water quality available. The results have consistently confirmed the validity of Hydro-Bond. So what does this mean for the industry? It is nothing short of a revolution in toilet roll production, according to Futura. It heralds the new era of ply-bonding without glue. The implications are profound and far-reaching. To start with, the production process without glue will provide increased output. Removing glue from the equation also means reduced contamination of the machine with the benefits which this brings.

Our task now is to continue sharing this genuine innovation with the industry

Obviously glue represents a cost, but the main impact is the efficiency-related savings in the process, which mean increased Overall Operational Efficiency. The end result is a product which is more hygienic and pleasant for the consumer to use, and more sustainable, from both an environmental and economic point of view. “The roll which results from JOI Hydro-Bond retains all its qualities, but is better thanks to what it is missing”, says Sergio Tonarelli, Futura’s Chief Sales Officer.


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