THE NEW TISSUE COMPLETE LINE supplied to North America

Overmade, the Italian Tissue and Paper & Board machine manufacturer, has delivered the “Nico” project to COVERTIPAP in North America: a complete line for the production of 35.000 tpy tissue paper.

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Overmade has delivered in the first quarter 2023 to Convertipap the “Nico Project”: a complete tissue plant for the production 35,000 TPY of high-quality tissue from virgin and recycled fiber.

The customer has committed the entire line to Overmade on the base of a turn-key supply. The complete scope of supply includes the softwood and hardwood feeding line, the approach flow system, the water and fiber recovery plant and all the auxiliaries such as vacuum system, steam system, high efficiency hood with recovery boiler, mist and dust removal systems. On top of that, the electrification of the entire tissue mill as well as the Sectional Electrical Drives system, the DCS (Distributed Control System) and QCS (Quality Control System) has been supplied.

Forming section with DYNAFLO C headbox.

The machine is the OVER CRC 20 capable to produce the softer tissue taking into consideration the use of recicled fiber as well as virgin fiber, using the DYNAFLO C headbox (the latest development of the DYNAFLOW TWC) capable to OVER perform in fiber distribution at high consistency thanks to its micro-turbulence generator. Excelling in the fiber distribution at high consistency with a reduced the softwood needs in the paper, savings are achieved in both fiber and energy costs. The line is conceived to work at a speed of 2,000 mpm and includes all the technological solutions for a thermal energy saving tissue production supplied by POWERMADE: the partner branch in the MADE group that complete the Overmade’s products portfolio permitting to supply, from a single platform, integrated solutions to all the tissue and paper & board producers. The project includes the supply of a high efficiency hood with recovery boiler, steam system with economizer to generate steam “free of costs” using hot fumes (330°C) coming from hood exhaust of the tissue machine and generating more than 1,2 ton/h of steam (around 25% of the total yankee consumption. The integrated steam system is specially design to manage main steam boiler and recovery steam boiler supply.

The supplied CRC 20 machine.


The deadline for delivery has been met, and OVERMADE is performing in these weeks the erection supervision and assistance at the start-up of the line. Such on-site services are entirely performed by Overmade’s qualified personnel, who is in charge of the coordination and control of the work during all the erection and the commissioning phases.
60 years after the delivery of the first OVER tissue machine, the management shows enthusiastic about this delivery in the high-demanding North American market, and considers this project as a preparation of the battleground to further grow.

Mr Stefano Marocchio, President and CEO of the group has expressed his contentment about the project by stating: “The vast knowledge present in OVERMADE allows us to work starting from solid foundations, but we didn’t want to stop there, with loyalty and dedication we offer to our customers ‘tailor-made’ solutions, able to satisfy their widest needs, our machinery and systems demonstrated to be top-performing, flexible, easy to manage and less and less energy eaters. We always wanted to move towards rationalization, following an ECO and LOGIC perspective, and put our technical-technological skills and our “global know-how” at customers’ disposal. We are proud about this new line supplied to an experienced Tissue producer as COVERTIPAP, who is constantly growing and increasing its market shares, while we are committed to supply our solutions in the North American market. Always following the motto: OVERMADE, made in ITALY, made in OVER”.

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