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What is tissue creping?

Tissue creping is an operation near the end of the tissue manufacturing process where bulk, stretch, absorbency, and softness are created in the tissue. Tissue creping is vitally important when these characteristics are key attributes of the final product. Technically, everything can be a factor which affects the tissue creping process. The process is simple in many respects, but to get high quality tissue and meet market expectations, good creping is essential. Doctoring systems are crucial to producing a high quality product and not damaging the Yankee shell in today’s high-speed process. The variables involved in the creping process are numerous, but with poor doctoring the ability to create a soft and absorbent tissue is limited.

What makes proper tissue creping so important?

Imagine two metal parts: one is stationary and the other is running; both rubbing against each other. That is doctor creping. As Yankee speeds increase, vibrations between the rolls, Yankee, and creping blade will become a more significant factor. If vibration is not controlled, the Yankee surface can be damaged and will need to be refinished typically by grinding, which involves downtime of three to five days. As the Yankee ages and is repeatedly ground, the steam pressure rating can be reduced resulting in lower operating steam pressure, reduced speed, and less production. If the process is not stable, the Yankee can wear out in 15 to 20 years. When maintained and managed properly, the Yankee could be expected to operate for more than 30 years.

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The Conformatic™ AL Creping Holder: the next generation Conformatic creping blade holder.
Kadant’s Conformatic XL Holder is the industry standard in tissue making.

Introducing: The Conformatic™ AL Creping Holder

The Kadant Conformatic™ AL Creping Holder incorporates the latest technology, bringing improved blade holder performance to the tissue market. The holder is designed for use in all Yankee doctor positions including cut-off, creping, and cleaning. The Conformatic blade holder is the industry standard when it comes to tissue making. With this next generation model, the focus was on features that would make it easier to use and mitigate risk to the Yankee. The proprietary adjustment mechanism allows for effortless bi-directional adjustment, with enough movement to accommodate even the most extreme Yankee crowns. The modern design uses adjustment screws to maintain the desired positioning and eliminates the need for edge fingers.  As the operating duty is extreme, the load capability of the conforming tube has been increased, and a carbon fiber backup blade has been designed in order to eliminate issues caused when using stainless steel items.

Significant upgrades to the holder’s adjustability has been achieved with a proprietary adjustment mechanism, allowing for precise control of the holder profile across the entire Yankee face. The robust construction is designed for high-performance tissue machines and features a self-conforming liquid tube, a backup blade and a quick removal feature that allows the holder to be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Optional “smart” features can be integrated to provide real time process feedback such as vibration and load.

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How to protect your Yankee with Blade Holder Genuine Parts

The Yankee dryer is arguably the most important part in the tissue making process. Protecting the Yankee against premature wear and damage is essential for the tissue mill. One way to keep the Yankee operational is ensuring creping blade holder parts are maintained on a regular basis. The Conformatic™ blade holder profile tube, backup blade and cartridge should be inspected during each machine outage and replaced with genuine parts. Conformatic blade holders have a specially designed load tube. When a non-OEM aftermarket version is used, it takes the conformability of the holder away, eventually leading to an increased risk of damage to the Yankee surface.

Using genuine parts ensures the highest product quality and integrity is maintained when repairing Kadant equipment. We have witnessed numerous cases of non-Kadant aftermarket parts being used incorrectly leading to equipment damage, production losses and increased safety risks. These outcomes can be minimized when Kadant genuine parts are used. Look for the Kadant Genuine Parts seal to be assured you are using the highest quality repair parts.


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