The Cominter Group recommends the Maxidry System by Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers for suction presses and blind presses

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For more than two decades, Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers has been using and perfecting multi-layer technology by combining different qualities and elastomer hardnesses in its rubber covers. This technology, combined with the need to develop an effective solution to improve suction and blind press covers, has resulted in the development of the Maxidry System, based on the Triplex – Multilayer confection system.

This system was designed to increase drying capacity, while also improving paper quality. Thanks to the Maxidry multi-layer cover, the nip contact zone absorbs the Yankee deformations by forming a constant nip along the entire generatrix. This automatically means drying capacity is improved, energy consumption is reduced, paper quality is enhanced and even long fibre consumption can be reduced.

The Maxidry System is comprised of three or more cover layers, depending on the specific work conditions of each client and the set position on each machine: the top work layer consists of hard material, the soft intermediate layer has maximum elongation, and the bottom layers are for fixing.


Table compiling the Maxidry covers the Cominter Group has acquired from Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers for its different paper mills.

High quality solutions to improve the efficiency and functioning of the machinery

The main advantages the Maxidry System offers the pressing process when manufacturing tissue paper are as follows:

Better quality of tissue paper: Thanks to a reduction in the specific pressure, a reduction in hydraulic pressure and maintaining the contact NIP along the entire generatrix of the Yankee, more paper quires (thickness) can be obtained. This translates to greater resistance and final softness of the paper.
Extended useful life of felts: By increasing the contact NIP, two highly beneficial effects are achieved. Firstly, the pressure on the felt per surface unit is reduced and secondly, the hydraulic pressure is reduced as a result of increasing the effective open area.
Reduced vibration level: Thanks to the exceptional ability to absorb the geometric differences caused by wear of the Yankee and the combination of the Maxidry System’s hardnesses.
Increased drying capacity: This is the result of increasing NIP width, increasing contact along the entire generatrix of the Yankee and configuring the double-section through-hole to aid the Venturi effect and grooving with a trapezoidal section to maintain the open area even under pressure.
Increased useful life of the cover between grinding operations: By developing elastomers with maximum flexibility and resilience in their soft intermediate layer and with maximum resistance to abrasion on the top working layer.
Lower energy consumption: The increased drainage capacity offered by the Maxidry System allows it to directly and considerably reduce energy consumption in the hood.

Our expertise enables us to offer a very complete service


One of the different manufacturers of tissue paper to have opted for the Maxidry System is the Cominter Group, which has been working with Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers for covers for its suction and blind presses for several years now. Comprising Cominter Tisú, S.A. and Kartogroup España, S.L., the Cominter Group has a total of three paper machines and seven converting lines distributed between its plants in Hernani (Gipuzkoa) and Burriana (Castellón), producing 84,000 tons per year of tissue paper rolls. The excellent quality of the tissue paper made by the Cominter Group allows it to produce and market a wide range of products – including toilet paper, paper towels, industrial rolls, kitchen rolls, napkins and wipes – through different brands, such as Garbi, Sil and Milmo.
At the same time, the extraordinary properties of its products allow it to use different marketing ranges, from hospitality and supermarkets to B2B exports to countries like France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Cover press with the Maxidry System during a grinding operation.

Pascual Gómez, Head of Operations at the Cominter Group says: “The Maxidry covers of our suction and blind presses have helped to increase both the quality and quantity of the tissue paper manufactured in our different machines, allowing us to achieve an optimal level of production. The advice and simulations for press sections offered by Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers have been extremely helpful when it comes to preventing machine stoppages and avoiding possible issues involved in tissue paper production”.


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