The Bolzoni Auramo Damage-free Tissue Paper Roll Handling

Bolzoni Auramo follows the market trends showing an increasing demand in handling of Tissue paper rolls. In facts, the Tissue evolving market has stimulated manufacturers to develop new products.

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To come up with the best solutions, Bolzoni Auramo is closely cooperating with the paper industry worldwide in order to find innovative solutions for the forest products handling.

The Paper Handling Specialist

Bolzoni Auramo is well known for its expertise in paper handling equipment and the company holds the market leader´s position in sales of paper handling tools in Europe. Worldwide, Bolzoni Auramo has a special program for the paper industry to develop roll and bale handling into an efficient damage free operation. “Damage free handling has always been our goal when developing new paper roll clamps” – says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Auramo’s Forest Products Handling Division Manager. “We have implemented an internal education program to give our sales force all around the world very high competence in paper handling. This action allows us to help and advice our customers in a professional way. How to select the right clamp for dedicated handling? What’s the correct clamping force? What kind of contact pad is most suitable? These are the questions daily given to our sales force. We have the answers!”.

Tissue paper roll clamps have fast 180-degree rotation, for effective handling of both vertical and horizontal rolls.

“Bolzoni Auramo offers well-designed and strong paper roll clamps’’ – says Lars Petersson. ‘’These are equipped with built-in damage reduction characteristics as standard, such as: wide capacity and opening range, good visibility, thin and smooth arms, fast and accurate rotation system, total clamping force control, wide range of contact pads to suit all load features”, he continues: “When it comes to Tissue paper handling, special focus has to go on the design of the contact pads”.


Tissue Paper Roll Clamps: engineered to perform

Tissue paper rolls often have larger diameter than the common other paper grades. Sometimes the roll diameters can be very extensive, even larger than 3000 mm (120”) diameters do exist. The rolls are often very soft and loosely wound. This is why Tissue clamps have higher and wider contact pads to reduce surface pressure on the soft paper. For larger diameters and softer paper grades the contact pads have a special form which is designed to reduce point loads under the pad edges. It is very common that large diameter and soft Tissue rolls deform somewhat under their own weight when lowered down to the floor in horizontal position. This deformation causes a flat area on the roll which can in some cases be several hundred millimeters wide. The flat area may cause horizontal roll handling problems unless it is compensated in the clamp design.


The pad edge is smooth and well rounded. Pad corners have large radius design, without protruding parts or edges.
The Bolzoni Auramo Tissue paper roll clamps have higher and wider contact pads to reduce surface pressure on the soft paper.

A complete range of Damage Reduction Products

Bolzoni Auramo provides a number of state-of-the-art damage-reduction options for a safer and more productive operation. Here an overview of some developed specific products.

  • Contact pads
    are the most important part of the clamp attachment. In most normal handling situations, the pads are the only parts of the clamp which actually are in contact with the paper roll. Therefore, Bolzoni Auramo has paid special attention in designing and manufacturing contact pads which will ensure safe and non-damaging Tissue roll handling. The specially designed pads include: single radius, triple radius or convex radius pads – with wide variety of friction surface options.
  • Clamping force.
    Besides the contact pads, another key issue in Tissue handling is the excessive clamping force, which is one of the most common causes of paper roll out-of-roundness damage. We offer our experience in using the Force-Matic, a fully mechanical pressure control system applicable to paper roll clamps in order to prevent overclamping causing roll out-of-roundness. The system senses the weight of the load from two different sources to compute the best possible clamping pressure. The valve works basically as a mechanical calculator continuously adjusting the clamping pressure measured in the lifting and tilting cylinders. No electrical connections are required.


  Bolzoni is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of lift truck attachments, forks and lift tables


Worldwide Support

Thanks to the far-reaching service and support network, Bolzoni Auramo can assist customers with any service, rental, spare parts, service training and technical need. “The Driver Training Program is an example of this support”, explains Lars Petersson “informing and educating our customer on how to reduce damage
when handling paper rolls”.
Bolzoni Auramo operates on all continents and on all main pulp and paper manufacturing and transportation sectors, concludes Lars Petersson: “Wherever you are with your forest products, we are there with you!” Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents, it is able to satisfy all market requirements.


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