Main headquarters is located in Turbigo, province of Milano (Italy). At the same time we were also opened a branch in China for repair the spreader rolls coming from Asian market. We are operating to develop new sites to meet more and a greater demand and be able to make assistance in rapidly developing countries.

Recently it has been acquired an order for an Asian customer for metal spreader roll with cover metal hard chromium plated – body length 10500 mm. and outside diameter of 450 mm. We are always researching and developing for new equipment and new materials.

These things garantee to the end customer (OEM Machinery or user) high quality products and 100% made in Italy. Leveraging on the know-how and ability to innovate, our goal is therefore to consolidate the international presence and improve the relationship with the customer.


Our sales dept will give you the best solution to solve your technical problems


The current trend is to provide high quality products and a very fast after-sales service. Our production include spreader rolls for all kind of applications.

We are able to repair all kind spreader roll’s brands as Wittler, Kickert, Robec, Mount Hope, Yamauchi, Spencer Johnston, Finbow and Tevo.