Today TecnoFerrari can boast expertise and flexibility in its approach to storage systems and applies this valuable know-how to many other working areas as paper, food, beverage. The over 2000 AGV systems installed with laser or inductive guidance vehicles allows designing and implementing the most suitable customized solution for the required application.

There are many production processes that require one or more storage phases before the completion of the final product. In these cases TecnoFerrari system, based on AGV technology (or LGV according to the guidance system used), can connect the various production stages and manage the intermediate product parking, with extreme precision, improving performance and productivity.

The range is completed by all the fixed loading, unloading and handling machines necessary for conveying the product until the end of the working cycles. TecnoFerrari offers a fast track towards success to every company, regardless of their size, since automation means:

» Maximum safety level for operators;
» Completely automatic functioning;
» Process control and optimization of the production cycle;
» Time and working precision;
» Perfect control over all process stage;
» Cost reduction;
» Ability to interface with other production techno ogies;
» Data protection and collection;
» Versatility of the system and limited workings for track extensions and modifications;
» Reliability and sturdiness of the vehicles.


The multiple forks for picking and transporting at the same time up to 3 pallets. Positions of the fork regulated automatically according to the pallets dimensions.
The multiple forks for picking and transporting at the same time up to 3 pallets. Positions of the fork regulated automatically according to the pallets dimensions.


Key of the success: customized and innovative solutions

TecnoFerrari automatic vehicles are provided of laser or magnet guided automatic system, adaptable to every plant needs and to any kind of product. For both systems the structure of the vehicle is the same, with many advantages for what concern the maintenance and the spare parts. The automatic guide of the TGV is suitable to manage any type of UDC.


Change battery system

Automatic battery change for continuous operation 24 hours/day without the need of manpower for the change. When the battery charge is low the vehicle, when finished the mission, goes automatically to the battery charging station. Change happens in few minutes. Models also exist in which re-charge takes place automatically in a partial recharge station. In this case the vehicle dedicates all block times to auto-recharge of the batteries, without operator intervention. Allows for continuous operation.


Automatic vehicles for heavy transport

TecnoFerrari automatic vehicles (TGV) are batterypowered shuttles that move automatically following a track of permanent magnets inserted into the floor. They allow a wide variety of applications. They are heavy duty designed and can transport up to 15,000 Kg.

The four lifting device placed at corners of the shuttle can lift simply structures where jumbo rolls can be stored or structures with roller or chain conveyors. The structure is lifted, transported to the destination where is lowered on the floor pan. Structure can be left there waiting to be free from the load. The shuttle without the structure can start a new mission. In case of the structure with conveyors they transfer the load to other conveyors. One application is the handling of pulp bales.


Handling and storage

Paper Roll storage by means of vehicle equipped with clamps. Rolls are stored on top of each other reaching height of the column of 8 m. Maximum intensity of storage; no structure needed; handled material are loaded/de-loaded in any type racking structure: Conventional, Drive in, Live storage by means of roller track.



The vehicles have sophisticated and reliable active and passive safety systems for continuous control of the surrounding space, to prevent accidental blows; these safety devices are virtual programmable laser bumper, mechanical bumper, side straps, sound and flashing signals.


TecnoFerrari can boast expertise and flexibility in its approach to storage systems



Supervision system

• The supervisor, while processing complex procedure for traffic management TGV, has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible;
• The interface is facing the front of the system, with a graphical representation as realistic as possible;
• Interface with eye-catching graphics and 3D representations;
• Visual representation and realistic vehicles;
• Realistic visual representation of machines bays;
• Ability to zoom the areas concerned;
• Access to features visual, intuitive and immediate;
• Accessing data through a simple click on the synoptic;
• Quick and easy connectivity to the most popular database for data exchange with external systems;
• Connectivity devices with Android Tablet and / or Smartphone for monitoring the status shuttles.