In recent months we have consolidated our experience with the partner MacDue Kit, which offers standardized solutions in large quantities at a highly competitive price without sacrificing excellent production quality. The implementation of the LEAN method for the construction of these machines was the starting point for reviewing the production processes of our company. What we have learned has allowed us to further reduce the production times and costs of some parts of our more complex machines. The possibility of offering cheaper and faster solutions goes hand in hand with the development of an even more widespread sales and assistance network.


Detail of a facial tissue line for the Polish market
Detail of a facial tissue line for the Polish market.

We are recognized as a leading global player in the automated packaging industry

During this period we have activated new technical and commercial collaborations that allow us to support customers in Australia, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Poland, India, Lebanon, Spain, and Portugal. We believe that the support of mother tongue technicians allows to obtain more precise results and facilitate the exchange of information during the development of the projects. The inability to travel because of Covid-19 has significantly changed the way we work. We had the opportunity to focus more on the European market, consolidating our presence thanks to the supply of complete lines in countries such as Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic, and England. And we also experienced our first streaming Open House! This particular experience was possible thanks to the availability of high-speed palletizing lines, cartoners, and wrappers. This allowed us to show the benefits of using technology to support customers.

Stefano Bianconi, Sales Director.
Stefano Bianconi, Sales Director.

Through meetings and streaming tests, we can reduce travel costs and times while building long-lasting relationships. We organized online training sessions with customers and local technicians to keep them up to date and always ready for machine maintenance activities. Our global presence responds precisely to the need to find spare parts on-site to keep production active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

While we continue to develop new solutions to make our products more performing and affordable, we are focusing on emerging markets: in the last period, we have provided several lines to important customers who are giving great impetus to territorial development. We have also studied credit formulas together with reference agencies in the sector to allow customers to invest in new plants. We are proud to be part of the economic development of countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, and Ivory Coast. To remain competitive in a market dominated by Industry 4.0 and access tax relief, it is necessary to implement innovative technological solutions and comply with high production standards by acquiring precise certifications. Part of our customer support is to help them meet these requirements to keep their systems in the forefront.
Partnerships, new projects, streaming activities: MacDue does not stop. Thanks to the trust of our customers and the support of a team that gives its best in all circumstances, we continue to offer innovative solutions for industrial packaging.