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The guiding principle in INDEXA’s business decisions is based on sustainability and the key objective is to offer its customers efficient installations, both technologically and energetically, that lead to a lower consumption of resources and therefore to a more sustainable planet. A sustainable economy, in fact, bases its development on using resources responsibly, aiming to make the most of the present while respecting the future and combining economic, social and environmental aspects with technological development.

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The paper market has “sustainability” as the central pillar of its development and, in this context, the actors invest in sustainable solutions in order to offer better products and services. Machine manufacturers are offering equipment with low consumption and CO2 emissions, with an increasingly high production capacity and paper manufacturers are moving towards production with a low environmental impact, by progressively reducing the grammage of their products and generating less use of raw materials, or by making a radical change in their production, applying a strategy geared towards a “world without waste” In this context, INDEXA, as a leading company for the installation and maintenance of production plants and industrial machinery, stands by its customers in the complete transformation of the production process underway.

In the last two years, Indexa has received numerous requests for tenders for major modifications to paper production machinery as well as plant conversions. Alongside classic routine maintenance, there have been extraordinary revamping operations or even the dismantling and reassembly of complete plants and machinery, making modernisations or even total replacements for product or process changes. With a view to a sustainable market, the paper industry supply chain has seen increasingly close connections between parties to arrive at shared innovative solutions.

The heavy use of natural raw materials (such as water), new European regulations on the one hand and the downward estimate of consumer purchases on the other, have driven the market to proactively confront all the parties in the supply chain in order to identify growth opportunities that can combine environmental and social sustainability, design and new technologies and their impact on society, workers and suppliers. Everyone is called upon to continuously invest in sustainable solutions, each for their part. Indexa’s commitment to sustainability is present in all operations from supplier selection, purchasing and logistics flows, to installation and service. This goal is also pursued in our warehouses, offices and employees, who are constantly made aware of this issue. According to Indexa’s Managing Director, “One of the key factors in supporting companies towards complete sustainability is the use of ad hoc information systems that guide the decision-maker in making the best choice in the field of sustainability”.

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As a supporter of the above, Indexa is moving in this direction and has introduced into the company organisation information systems capable of fully managing and scheduling production resources, equipment and facilities, in order to optimise their operational efficiency and the level of service provided to its customers, identifying critical issues to be resolved and prevented where possible. In 2023, in fact, INDEXA invested in software for the logistical management of vehicles and equipment, which allows for a reduction in travel and related CO2 emissions. Through this software, the management of the inventory of assets in the central warehouse and in the different sites distributed throughout the territory is integrated and the movement of equipment and related consumables is guided by cost and time efficiency criteria, favoring the movement between neighboring sites, before arriving at the central warehouse.

Continuous monitoring makes it possible to plan maintenance histories, schedule occasional and recurring services, manage and customize alerts, with positive implications in terms of worker health and safety. The adoption of such an information system constantly monitors the company’s productivity, bringing considerable benefits in terms of sustainability at 360°: from an economic point of view, through constant control of costs and times; from a social point of view, by improving the health and safety of workers and indirectly increasing the productivity of the processes on the customers themselves; from an environmental point of view, by reducing CO2 consumption; from a technological point of view, by implementing innovative solutions. Indexa is convinced that sustainable innovation is a key factor in the development of the paper industry and an increasingly important objective for investors and stakeholders in the sector, in which each actor is called upon to play its part by implementing concrete actions.

The choices we make every day make a difference for us, for future generations and for our planet, and Indexa wants to actively contribute so that these are conscious and ESG oriented.


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