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Over the years, E80 Group has been developing state-of-the-art technologies that integrate the supply chain operations within tissue factories and distribution centers.
Massimo Bertuccio, E80 Group Sales Director for the tissue and robotic division, explains: “Our area of expertise is in integrating the entire plant thanks to automatic and laser-guided vehicles. Starting from the automated handling of incoming material; the end of the line for palletizing, wrapping and labeling of finished products thanks to our robotic systems; transporting and storing products inside high-density automated warehouses and storage solutions; up to shipping and automatic truck-loading.” He adds: “On top of that, our software platform SM.I.LE80 is like the conductor that synchronizes and supervises in real-time all the intralogistics flows, communicating simultaneously with the customer’s ERP.”

E80 Group brings cutting-edge intralogistics technology to the tissue industry

Roto-Cart Smart Factory.

Connecting and integrating all operations within the plant and therefore avoiding bottlenecks and downtime, E80 Group’s automated and laser-guided vehicles (AGVs/LGVs) are always on the cutting edge in terms of efficiency, flexibility and reliability. One of the latest developments is Unicorn, the LGV that further boosts the operational performance of tissue facilities.

“Unicorn is the definitive answer for parent reel manipulation.” highlights Massimo Bertuccio. “Thanks to the two chucks that act inside the reel core, Unicorn does not damage nor does it stress the parent reel, guaranteeing total integrity of the paper”. The results achieved are tangible: significant reduction of waste and 7% optimization of warehouse space, thus using the existing footprint to its best advantage.”

Moreover, safety devices fitted on the LGVs boost the overall plant safety. The latest patented technology SmartDect increases the ability of LGVs to detect tagged people and manually handled vehicles moving in the surrounding area, reducing and often eliminating any type of risk related to incorrect and unexpected behaviors. Increasing the entire facility reliability, LGVs are connected with E80’s high-density automated warehouses and storage solutions, giving customers the advantage of being more flexible, while also decreasing the high-energy consumption that would be required by hundreds of meters of conveyor belts.
E80 Group’s end-to-end solutions perfectly integrate all the processes within a tissue plant.

In order to connect even more the production activities, the Group has developed a project in collaboration with Gambini, an Italian flagship for the design and development of converting lines for hygiene and personal care tissue products: E80 Group and Gambini together will be able to supply a fully automatic converting line.
“We will soon introduce a cutting-edge system that brings the parent reel to the rewinder and retrieves the spent core when the operation is finished: all the operations of loading and unloading of the jumbo rolls and handling of the spent cores inside the unwinder will be automatic, eliminating any hanging paper reel. This fully automated operation will increase the lines efficiency and the safety of the operator, as it will avoid having reels suspended”, concludes Massimo Bertuccio.

The patented automatic layer and case picking solution.

The revolutionary case and layer picking solution

Automating picking operations is one of the most ambitious goals in logistics, a fact that has pushed E80 Group to undertake big investments in Research & Development, launching a new project called T.R.A.Y.S – Tridimensional Robotic Assortment Yard System. EAGLE T.R.A.Y.S. is an innovative solution that automatizes multi-shaped and multi-dimensional picking for factories and distribution centers in different sectors. This technology includes AGVs and robotic systems, that – through universal grippers, vision systems and by communicating with SM.I.LE80 software – palletize and depalletize pallets of products and non-homogenous packages, satisfying the increasingly specific and variable needs of the market.


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