To know what it is like to embrace this elegant simplicity, just ask the over 50 customers worldwide who have already chosen FORTE. This is the work that PCMC has done with FORTE. The rewinder stands out its conceptual elegance and beauty: the three rolls, cleverly positioned and moving in relation to one another, generate soft, perfectly wound toilet rolls and kitchen towels at high speed, guaranteeing a total quality finished product. And all using a minimal technology, simple to use and reliable in time.
Launched on the market in 2008 and operational the world over, FORTE has been repeatedly chosen by customers for its pioneering technical features embodied in a dynamic, unique and innovative roll geometry that always maintains perfect triangulation during natural log growth, guaranteeing stable log formation and a uniform winding profile that keep the embossing consistent from first to last sheet, for unfaltering beauty throughout the finished roll.
An invisible magic, fruit of the work of electronic and development engineers, regulates the movements of the three rolls, the winding tension and the parameters necessary to obtain the desired products.
The gluing section, external to the winding nest, designed based on process simplification and cleanliness, allows to electronically control the quantity of glue to distribute, preventing unglued areas and reducing the risk of wrinkle formation during the initial winding phase.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationLeonardo Da Vinci

pcmc-insight-2No more sheets glued to the cardboard core, but paper that comes off easily, with no residues or waste, for a product that can be used up to very last sheet. Additionally, the fact that the rewinder develops vertically allows easier access for maintenance – since each unit is easily reachable and adjustable – and a perfectly optimized process. Its simplicity makes the winding nest freely accessible and clean, with no obstacles to overcome, always in its best possible condition, for best guarantees. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, transmitting the concept of how a solution apparently simple to the eye embodies a grand technology and does away with superfluous, risky and often ineffective complications. The number of FORTE rewinders in the world is proof that simple is beautiful, but also efficient and productive.