SENNING machines provide tailor-made solutions and are developed and built according to special customer requirements, like unusual formats, special sizes, special closure options and new eco-friendly packaging.

SENNING wrapping machines for more sustainability and environmental friendliness in the packaging of tissue and paper products. In order to support the eco-friendly production of tissue-packaging, SENNING has developed a new option for full paper wrapping for its packaging machines in order to help reducing plastic waste. Several kinds of paper have been tested and found suitable for being processed on SENNING machines. Napkins, e.g., remain visible when wrapped in almost transparent kraft paper or glassine. All tested papers are 100% recyclable and compostable. SENNING does not recommend to work with fully coated papers because some of these coatings can make composting and recycling of the papers impossible. Even SENNING packaging machines already in operation can be retrofitted for paper wrapping. SENNING machines can also be used to wrap tissue products in recyclable and/or compostable environmental-friendly film, made of renewable raw materials.


Napkin packages in kraft paper and glassine, wrapped by SENNING machines.


Reliable and innovative solutions for the wrapping of paper and tissue products

Development and construction of SENNING machines completely Made in Germany. SENNING machines are extremely robust, durable and reliable in production. All components and production parts are manufactured by renowned German suppliers. These high-quality components together with the excellent know-how of SENNING engineers result in the high quality of SENNING machines and of the goods produced by SENNING machines. Moreover, the electrical programming of each SENNING machine is done individually by SENNING engineers. The high-end quality of SENNING machines results in less downtimes and thus, in higher profitability.

Maximization by modernization. Even the best packaging machine can only deliver top performance in the long run if it is well maintained and upgraded at regular intervals. SENNING Services offer a comprehensive modernization service according to the latest state-of-the-art: for improved performance and high output of SENNING machines.
SENNING’s modernization services range from classic technical upgrades to complete machine conversions. They are always in line with the latest safety guidelines and use the most innovative technologies. SENNING offers special electrical upgrades of existing handkerchief lines to PACDrive3 from Schneider which saves space and energy and improves and simplifies the production process. SENNING’s holistic approach extends the life of the equipment and helps to maximize the rentability and profitability of the machines.
Benefits for SENNING customers. Upgrades for improved performance; current technologies and safety functions; holistic redevelopment concepts; machine conversions, overhauls and relocations; reconfiguration and recommissioning of systems.


Some available upgrades for SENNING machines

  • For SENNING handkerchief single pack wrapper 525 A and 525 D. A new type of sensor optimizes the package control on SENNING’s single pack wrapping machines for handkerchiefs. The stack is slowed down in front of the sensor and rests against the carrier. In this way, it is possible to check over the entire stack length to see whether tissues protrude or whether the stack is perfect. This exact testing technique minimizes faulty interferences and perfects the stack quality.
  • Autosplicer for SENNING Handkerchief Lines. SENNING handkerchief lines can be equipped or upgraded with auto-splicers. Auto-splicers are available for the folding machine, the singlepack wrapping machine, the taper and the bundling machine. All auto-splicers, except the tissue splicer, operate at full speed.
    The machine operators can flexibly prepare the respective roll change when there is time. The production reliability is increased and thus, the efficiency of the line.
  • Movable cutting station for the SENNING taper. A movable cutting station has been developed for the SENNING tapers SGT 1.1 and 2.1. This enables individual tape placement, adjustment in case of a positional deviation or improved positioning in longitudinal direction.
  • Faster format changeover with the SENNING SE 660 wrapping machine. The SE 660 has been equipped with a quick release for faster format changes to make production more efficient and much more flexible.


Napkin packages in kraft paper and glassine, wrapped by SENNING machines.


Christian SENNING Verpackungsmaschinen, Bremen, Germany, is one of the leading suppliers of high-end wrapping machines for tissue and paper products, with more than 70 years of experience on the world market. Products: complete handkerchief lines incl. folder, wrapping machines for napkins, facial tissues, handkerchiefs, handtowels, non-woven products and individual wrapping machines with tailor-made solutions for customers’ specific needs and requirements.