Sandreschi, a tradition rooted in time

The Cartonificio Sandreschi cardboard and paper mill was established in 1863 in the valley of Villa Basilica, in the Province of Lucca, an area that was already famous for the production and processing of paper, and in particular straw paper.

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Cartonificio Sandreschi

The farsighted entrepreneurs of the Sandreschi family, who began the business, were among the first to rely on steam drying cylinders, way back in 1930. The ability to keep abreast of the times, and at times to anticipate them, allowed the company to grow, constantly renewing machinery and production processes in order to market reliable products obtained from recycled materials.

Brothers Ernesto and Benedetto Sandreschi have led the family business for more than thirty years, supporting a development based on a balance between tradition and innovation. The Cartonificio Sandreschi corporate philosophy focuses on longlasting commercial relationships pivoting on broad scope partnerships. Corporate organization foresees a management in direct touch with the commercial and technical divisions of customers and an efficient B2B, with a staff keen on understanding clients’ requirements and meeting their demands.

Today, increasingly on the side of research and development, the corporate mission stresses attention to an environmentally friendly production. This mission has led to the development of ethical processes for both energy sources and production cycles, with particular focus on recycled water and materials, achieving high quality performance that places the company among the leading players in the complex and globalized market of recycled cardboard.


Solar panels.

At the service of the paper and packaging world

Cartonificio Sandreschi focuses primarily on the processing of recycled cardboard for the production of line tubes, tissue converting, spiral tubes, textile reels, packaging edge protectors, and special productions such as paper honeycomb, high density tubes, and other applications.

Cardboard is produced in weights (grammage) ranging from 180 to 600 grams per square meter; several types of products are available with specific features for each sector of use. Recycled cardboard is cut into strips or reels according to client’s needs. The chemical and physical characteristics of each product are carefully studied, based on their final use. Cardboard can also be dyed according to client’s requirements.


The corporate mission stresses attention to an environmentally friendly production


Particular care and attention are paid to the corporate core business, notably the processing of cardboard from recycled waste paper to produce cardboard cores for the tissue industry. Meticulous preparation of the finished product and decades of experience in this field have made a constant presence on the global market possible for this type of recycled cardboard in strips in this important production sector.


Producing reels.
Producing reels.


An ethical, 100% environmentally friendly production

The cardboard produced is obtained from 100% recycled waste paper. A constant and firm commitment has led to a turning point in the Cartonificio Sandreschi’s production regarding the exploitation of natural resources, whereby energy consumption is reduced to almost zero.

A new and efficient methane gas cogeneration plant and solar panels over the factory roofs produce electric power and heating to meet company demands, reducing CO2 emissions, – 1722 t CO2/year, and TEP, – TEP 759/year; excess energy is supplied to the national power network. Water used for cardboard production is then treated through purifiers that return clean water into the water supply network with zero impact over the local ecosystem.

Manufacturing plant.
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