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The renovation of cartiera di Vignaletto tissue plant (Italy) is completed, having already rebuilt the pm4 drive, pm4 winder and pm5 winder. During August 2018 we finished the rebuilding of drives and automation in the pm5 and the rebuilding of the turbogas automation system carried out by Sael service point - coelme. The whole plant is now coordinated and managed by our supervising dcs system and teleassistance IWSA for paper mills. 98% productive efficiency accomplished with no other modification.

author: Paolo Andrighetti - SAEL S.r.l.

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Further application of “Platform ONE” SAEL, the innovative and highly performing system with which manages automation and drive with significant cost savings, was applicated with success at MC5 which used old drives without available spare parts; the continuous disruptions connected to the TURBO GAS, a system that used automation of the old generation Nuova Pignone, has led the paper mill to assign us this work that has been dealt with using Siemens standard PLC instead of proprietary microprocessor cards-MOORE – those that have incommoded the paper mill in its management.

Cartiera di Vignaletto, which has always dealt with investments in an ergonomic manner and only after careful selection of all possible solutions, in these years has searched to evolve their production trying to influence the quality of its products following their technical growth thanks to the improvements offered by SAEL.

The inverters of series “PLATFORM ONE DRIVES” equipped with ONE card (the only card for all types of drives DC-AC-BRUSHLESS and REEBORN) and film capacitors instead of electrolytic, guarantee an infinite life of the inverter

Works in the paper mill

Cartiera del Vignaletto was founded in 1966. The plant spreads in an area of around 30,000 m2 at Tre Ponti, S. Maria di Zevio, in the province of Verona (Italy). The daily production is around 140 tons of Tissue of superior quality. The paper is produced in mother reels, up to 4 plies, grammature from 15 to 40 gsm, is destined to the production of paper towels, napkins white and printed, toilet tissue Standard and Soft, Kitchen towel and industrial, facial tissue, velvet for sanitary towels and many others, with a wide range of soft colors.

The choice of the paper mill was SAEL, after a careful examination of the technology, reliability and implementation times that led, during the offers phase, to choose some very special techniques that only a flexible system like “PLATFORM ONE of SAEL” allows to carry out. The flexibility and ductility of our drives and the automation through PLC Siemens and SW PLC completely open, applied in the rebuilding of any kind of electronic control, have immediately proved to be very competitive and reliable also in terms of costs. The TURN KEY supply has dealt with all the work of engineering, wiring
and replacing all obsolete internal panel boards replaced by Siemens PLC.

The Customer is the main priority. Since 1987 a solid made in Italy company

The sectional drive of the paper machine

The supply has essentially managed the 8 AC 690V motors of the paper machine and 6 other 690V AC motors for the hood pumps and fans. The Machine automation has provided the classic functions of our sectional drive with the management through our exclusive “DCS in DRIVE” control system, with which we can say today, of being at the peak of any technical comparison in the sector. The DCS supervision system adopted was traced by our installed “SAEL paper machine supervisor” with on board trends, synoptics, alarms history, recipe management and remote assistance.
Using this system, the machine maintenance team can check before intervening where the problems are focused; in case of night technical support, the electronic SAEL technician directly from home, can connect to the server and guide the internal factory staff at the restart of the machine.


The automation of TURBOGAS, Nuovo Pignone and General Electric

The supply concerned the migration of the existing control system in which, even in this case, the availability of spare parts and the possibility of optimizing its operation had become almost impossible to handle. The various disturbances and the almost complete impossibility of understanding its motivations have pushed the paper mill towards our idea of replacing the MOORE control system currently in use and all its logic, with a new commercial PLC with OPEN SOURCE software. As requested the control system was developed on PLC Siemens S7-1500, I / O ET200MP Siemens, the CPU and I / O cards were installed in the existing framework, in the position of the Existing PLC.

The omnipresent Mr. Mario Lovato, CEO of the paper mill, together with Mr. Andrea Vivaldi, responsible for electrical maintenance, with this construction and start-up have obtained, in addition to the training of their technicians, a form of insurance on the plant. Absolutely and unequivocally, they have the peace of mind that, in case of anomalies or work problems, their technicians can intervene autonomously and promptly reduce the stop times to zero. Moreover, Internet World Sael Assistance has allowed us to annihilate our distances from the Zevio plant (Verona).


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