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In the global tissue market, which is increasingly characterised by high-tech systems aimed at better control of production processes, SABA AUTOMATION has seen its share increase significantly, thanks to its customised end-of-line solutions, ZEUS P and ZEUS L. Customers who have adopted them describe them as solutions that can really add benefits and make a difference in terms of control, efficiency, simplification and safety.

“To date, SABA AUTOMATION is delivering end-of-line systems for companies working in the tissue sector in several continents, and this is the demonstration of how our products and services are appreciated worldwide” – explains Alessandro Pollini, Sales Director of SABA AUTOMATION. All these systems, equipped with “Top-range” ZEUS anthropomorphic robots, are designed in close contact with our customers so as to reach the best in terms of performance.

We develop technical solutions, according to your production process

Our automatic ZEUS Robotic end-of-line systems are divided into two series, P and L. The P series consists of a single robot that can palletise packed products, coming from packaging machines, carton-packing machines and so on, by picking them and placing them directly on a pallet. The L series is characterised by two anthropomorphic robots, one for forming layers of product and the other for palletisation. These solutions are extremely fast in terms of cycles per minute and can serve even lines with a very high production output. Particular attention has been dedicated to the design of pick-up implements for products both packaged and in display format. These implements grasp the product without causing any kind of deformation; this drastically improves the quality of palletising. All grippers are “motorised with the interpolated axis” to ensure adequate handling of such a delicate product as is tissue paper. This makes picking more accurate with respect to conventional pneumatic systems, and the product is never damaged.


Pallettizer Zeus P.
Pallettizer Zeus L.

Another “added value” is the PAL software platform, installed on an industrial PC. Thanks to this, you can keep all stages of operation under control: from incoming products to outgoing pallets, ready to be stored in a warehouse. In the same manner as the system’s layout, the platform can be customised to fulfil the customer’s requirements. As far as the platform is concerned, the real “feather in the cap” is the section dedicated to creation, modification, etc., of various formats; thanks to 3D graphics, operators can actually see what they are creating or modifying. All this can be done in a very short time, using the user-friendly tools. In accordance to the principles of Industry 4.0, this software can be interfaced with the latest management software so that data can be duly exchanged. Digitisation of machines, flexible and automated format changes, remote management and control of production.

In addition to solutions featuring anthropomorphic robots, SABA AUTOMATION designs and builds BD CARTESIAN ROBOTS. These are compact solutions, with a high performance, ideal for lines handling paper napkins, handkerchiefs and inter-folded paper towels. SABA AUTOMATION also offers a vast range of conveyor systems for products and pallets, automatic wrappers, labelling machines, as well as warehouse entrance and exit areas. Automatic guided vehicles complete the range of end-of-line solutions.

“Throughout the years, we have never stopped listening to our customers, following the ever-changing needs of the market and giving suggestions that can really and effectively help. We created SABA AUTOMATION on the basis of a very simple concept: customer satisfaction that does not end after installation of our systems but is actually the beginning of a relationship based on mutual development and growth” – explains Alberto Pinotti, Chairman of SABA AUTOMATION. In order to maintain this ‘steady growth’, SABA AUTOMATION is giving more attention to support and additional services. Our team is constantly researching and developing new solutions to facilitate production and use of equipment. Curiosity and the will to become better and better are the driving force of our company. In other words, we never sit back and relax but always look forward. Passion guides us and we want to share this attitude with our customers.

Software PAL.



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