At the same time, the products are rapidly evolving: decor and colour patterns, multi-layered products, smoothness and silkiness, perfumes and high resistance are features that appeal more and more to potential customers. Therefore, many paper converters increase their product range, but at the same time need to reduce cost and improve the efficiency and output. With the increase in production speed, web width and pattern complexity, the requirements towards elastomer coated rolls have become very stringent. Hannecard proposes multiple solutions and advantages for all elastomer coated rolls involved in the process.

The Figure shows a classic concept for nested embossing, widely used for the production of toilet paper and tissue towels. Also different machines can of course be used for simple or combined embossing and for other tissue products.


Embossing Rolls

Hannecard has developed 3 product ranges allowing an optimal choice, depending on the specific needs of the embossing machine and the tissue products.

Your Needs:

  • Stable pattern reproduction
  • High resilience
  • Low heat build-up
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Sometimes resistance to
    perfumed lotion or glue

The Hannecard Advantage:

  • Long lifetime
  • Excellent and stable embossing behaviour, both for spot and micro embossing, even at high speed
  • No shadow marking




Green – Rubber
50-60 shore A

Outstanding abrasion resistance
High temperature resistance
Low heat build-up and hysteresis loss
Can be affected by aromatic lotions and perfumes
Recommended for single and spot embossing

Blue – Rubber
55-60 shore A

Outstanding resilience and compression-set
Very low heat build-up and hysteresis loss
Resistant to aromatic lotions and perfumes
Recommended for combined and micro embossing

Applicator (Cliche) Rolls

On modern tissue finishing machines, the cliché rolls have become considerably larger and heavier than before. Yet the typical needs of applicator rolls (precise geometry, purity, defect free surface, transfer affinity) have remained unchanged. Furthermore, the reduction of glue consumption has become an absolute priority. Hannecard has not only developed products with an exceptional performance, we are also equipped with high precision grinding and finishing machines that assure the requie dimensional precision and the correct surface profile. All Hannecard solutions can be obtained with composite carrier sleeves, including the recoating of your existing sleeves.

Your Needs:

  • High affinity for the (water based) glue
  • Very high geometrical precision
  • Defect-free surface

The Hannecard Advantage:

  • Rubber and polyurethane solutions
  • Optimal glue transfer, also for coloured glue
  • Compounds with improved purity and homogeneity
  • High precision grinding and finishing
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleeve solutions




Green – Rubber
65 shore A

High purity
Excellent transfer properties
Good lifetime in contact with the metering roll

Dark blue – Polyurethane
60-70 shore A

High purity
Outstanding transfer properties and surface energy
Improved abrasion resistance
Resistant to aromatic lotions and perfumes

Marrying Rolls

For two and multi-layered paper, the marrying roll will determine the quality and the precision during the lamination process. A very stable behaviour in the nip is required, even at high pressure.

Your Needs:

  • Hard without crushing the paper
  • Smooth surface
  • Stable geometry in time

The Hannecard Advantage:

  • Rubber and polyurethane solutions
  • High surface gloss for optimal paper release
  • Very stable pressure nip and surface geometry
  • Easy to clean




Black – Rubber
85-95 shore A

Very good physical properties and abrasion resistance
Glossy surface for good paper release

White – Polyurethane
90 shore A

Outstanding physical properties and abrasion resistance
Optimal nip stability
Still improved paper release

Other Applications

Hannecard offers specific solutions related to the finishing of tissue paper: Fountain rolls for glue application, found on some machine types; Flexo or gravure printing of logos and décor motives (cliché rolls and sleeves, pressure rolls and sleeves); Off-line coating of hygiene paper with softening lotion and/or perfume (applicator rolls); Cutting and winding (drum and lay-on rolls). 


Hannecard Paper can handle rolls and presses up to 32 tons,
1400 mm diameter and 12 m total length