FPZ designs and manufactures side channel blowers for the compression and suction treatment of air and technical gases, supporting the paper and tissue industries in the processes of paper transformation. For over 20 years FPZ has been collaborating with a company specialized in the production of high pressure wet systems, offering the K08 MS and K10 MS blower models in aluminum alloy equipped with efficiency class IE3 electric motor for the suction of incandescent dust during the paper cutting. The sparks are sucked by the blower and turned into inert by a water filter. The work environment is at explosive risk and FPZ machines are ideal for supporting the process by having ATEX certification.

For another important customer FPZ supplies blowers to suck chip, dust and scraps deriving from processing in paper mills, allowing to keep the rolls of the machinery clean. Thanks to FPZ’s customized solutions, customers can reduce the amount of waste and produce high quality products. Despite working in harsh conditions, a 3-year warranty is offered for the side channel blowers. They can also be used in the printing sector inside the ovens to keep the air temperature high, allowing the adhesives to dry after the coating phase in combination with the Windblade™ air knives, and to vacuum the solvents used in cleaning the rolls.

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Centrifugal fan with backward curved blade impeller.
Centrifugal fan with backward curved blade impeller.

For an important international customer FPZ has specifically studied and manufactured a blower capable of operating in particularly severe environmental and operating conditions. The application involves the suction of residues from the manufacturing process of the paper sector, of fabrics (with a high presence of high-strength fibers) that are deposited on large rolls whose surface is kept at very high temperature and washed with jets of pressurized water. The conditions are particularly severe: high intake temperature, simultaneous presence of air and water vapor, very small particulate matter. The developed solution incorporates a set of technical and technological adjustments that make the FPZ blower reliable and robust (from the dimensioning of the clearances as well as the side channel, to the choice of materials, surface treatments, bearings and seals).



Doseuro is the business unit specialized in pumps and systems for dosing chemical, acid or basic products. For over 40 years it has assisted entrepreneurs from all over the world operating in the paper and printing sector.
In paper mills the pumps are used to remove pollutants, colloids, fibers, chlorides and sulphates from the water while the agitators are used in the treatment of cellulose inside the tanks containing water to keep the crumbled wood floating.
The JustSwitchOn panel (JSO) is a new pre-engineered system designed to provide a complete dosing solution, ensure a good quality of the final product and good cost savings thanks to the maximum dosage accuracy. JSO systems include rugged PP frames (1.5cm) for single or dual metering pumps and inlet and outlet discharge piping. The inlet piping includes an isolation ball valve, a Y filter and a calibration pot while the discharge piping includes isolation ball valves, pulsation dampeners, back pressure valve, relief valve and pressure gauge with isolator. The JustSwitchOn panel is an excellent pre-configured solution, easy to install and ready to use.

Another product that guarantees considerable economic savings over time is the new RAPIDA 2.0 pump which, through the customizable 6-button digital control panel, allows to measure the real consumption of chemical products and change the pump settings immediately. Alternatively, it can be controlled by a proportional remote signal (4-20mA as standard or 0-20mA / 0-10V / 2-10V as an alternative, ModBUS RTU or pulses). “Quickly and Easily” is RAPIDA’s motto! The pump consists of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor together with an inverter board and it is designed to allow the motor speed to be changed according to requirements. Rated power ranges from 0.25Kw to 0.75Kw and has a base frequency range from 6 to 60Hz that can be extended up to 100 Hz. It also features a timing working mode that allows to delay the start and define a specific working period, a customized management of the acceleration and deceleration ramp, a partial counter of the working hours This is a complete solution, manageable in total security by the user through password-controlled access.


Rapida 2.0.
Rapida 2.0.

Arivent produces centrifugal fans, generally used for the transport of clean, dusty, corrosive and abrasive air and gas, and axial fans for both civil and industrial applications. Arivent fans are used in service plants in the paper and printing industries. Thanks to them it is possible to recover the volatile organic substances and the emissions generated by the printing and lamination processes. The air flow generated by the centrifugal fans carries the solvents and the “VOCs” to the catalytic blast chillers where the former are treated to be reused as ink in printing processes and the latter eliminated. Finally, the fans can be used in suction to remove chips and dust from the work environment. For these specific applications Arivent guarantees airtight fans with PTFE gaskets, in order not to disperse polluting gases into the environment. According to the customer’s request, fans with ATEX certification can be supplied.
Conclusion: Every day FPZ tries to simplify the life of its customers by offering intelligent solutions in fluid handling.

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