PCMC’s Carevolution: from the no-core roll to the C.A.RE. Lab, a new FourPointZero center

Care is a concrete process. Attention to people, attention to innovation.

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Some months have passed since PCMC’s Open Houses, but the doors to the company are still wide open to meet with its partners and with those who want to discover more about its continuous evolution. Because PCMC is relentlessly pursuing the path of its Carevolution. Sustainability, innovation, evolution and care: these are the guidelines that define this new term. Not just a theoretical concept, but a true word whose meaning is tangible in the life of the company, in its products and in its choices. This growth concept of ours was expressed at its best during the Open Houses held for
iT’s Tissue 2018: an incredible moment to welcome guests and also to reap the rewards of the work done in the last few years. A new roll becomes a reality and that unites all the inimitable characteristics of made-in-Italy technology signed PCMC.

The first InvisibleO line was installed at Essity (SCA Group), leader in the field of health & hygiene, and the no-core roll is already present in supermarkets in France and Germany.

A roll without a cardboard core, usable from the first to the very last sheet, with a level of quality never attained before on coreless products. A practical product, attentive to savings, attentive to the environment. An advantage for everyone, not just for tissue product manufacturers.

PCMC’s Packaging

“The InvisibleO Technology project caused us some sleepless nights for several months” says company President Sergio Casella. “It was an arduous but exciting journey, spurred by the desire to create an invention – a true innovation. We began working toward this goal three years ago and it took two years just to come up with the ideal solution that supports the roll internally, created using only natural materials and that replaces the cardboard core. Knowing that we have perfected a new, functional and functioning technology is an incredible satisfaction that we can share with our experts who worked on the project and embarked on this road with us. The product is commanding lots of attention by a buoyant market that is welcoming this new opportunity”, continues Sergio Casella.

The innovative InvisibleO technology, patented by PCMC, is applied to the FORTE technology, flagship of PCMC’s success. FORTE caters to every detail of the log growth process by winding it using the utmost care, just as if the roll were taking shape in the hands of the operator. Perfect pick-up, stable log formation and a uniform winding profile along the entire log length; a bulky embossing unaltered to the very end and high production speeds: these are just some of the inimitable characteristics of made-in-Italy technology signed by PCMC.

The simplicity of the concept that created it allows FORTE to improve and evolve continuously, yielding a finished product unmatched on the market, with and without a core.

PCMC’s No-Core Roll & Carevolution

But PCMC’s evolution does not stop at converting: PCMC has elaborated a new concept of primary and secondary packaging. A packaging that allows attaining significantly higher production speeds than standard speeds currently present on the market and at the same time affords savings as far as raw materials and maintenance. All this together with an innovative type of secondary packaging that yields packs in a new configuration and with particular attention to the graphic aspect.

This evolution takes another important step forward with the birth of our C.A.RE. Lab, Converting Area REsearch, a center dedicated to the future, opened by PCMC in Lucca and located in front of the City Walls: a new space for the world of converting. “The time has come to make yet another move forward, to open another door” says Walter Tamarri, Sales & Marketing Director. “Our goal is to intensify the company’s focus on innovation, on research and on the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, in particular those connected with the positive impacts that they can have on managing occupational health & safety. C.A.RE. Lab will be a lively, dynamic center, a place where skills and talents can find a mutual meeting place. A PCMC area where thoughts and knowledge can circulate freely and where we will cater to your ideas and to ours together” concludes Tamarri.
After this period of surprising novelties, what does PCMC have in store for the coming months?

PCMC is made up of people working every day for a common goal: doing extraordinary things


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