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The knowledge gained through committed long-term research and development as well as mergers and acquisitions has strengthened Sulzer’s know-how and enables full-scale research for the development of pumps, mixers and agitators.

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Pulp, board and paper processes and applications as well as new technologies based on wood raw materials represent high-priority commitment and partnership areas for the business and product development organization of Sulzer. End suction single-stage centrifugal pumps cover 85% of all pumping needs in the world. Thanks to the new design principle developed by Sulzer, the efficiency of especially the largest energy-demanding pumps can now even beat the efficiency of double suction pumps, which traditionally had better efficiency.

Process reliability, high efficiency and low operating costs

Our AHLSTAR pump range is the world’s most comprehensive pump series for demanding industrial processes, in particular for the pulp and paper industry. A wide range of various hydraulic units, materials and shaft seals have been developed to cover the requirements of the various pumping applications. The AHLSTAR range exceeds the technical and quality requirements of the international standards ISO 5199 and ISO 2858. In the design of the pump series, we paid attention to the specific requirements of customers in the pulp and paper industry, such as good pumping performance of fiber-containing stocks and gaseous liquids as well as reliable shaft sealing solutions.

To offer the best solution, it is very important for us to identify the specific requirements and parameters of each pumping application and to be familiar with the pumped liquid such as viscous fluids, fiber-containing sludge, mineral slurries, and liquids that contain large solids. The AHLSTAR pump range is designed to suit various liquid types in all industrial applications:

  1. Clean liquids and liquids containing some impurities (water, chemicals etc.);
  2. Viscous liquids (oils, syrups, black liquor etc.);
  3. Fiber-containing sludge (pulp and paper stock, other fiber-containing sludge etc.);
  4. Non-fiber-containing sludge (mineral slurries, kaolin, lime milk, light mining slurries etc.);
  5. Liquids which contain large solids (chip water, waste water, recycled materials).

The pump series can also manage all different combinations of the basic liquids. In addition to fibers, the pumped liquid, for example pulped recycled paper stock, may contain large solids and some mineral slurry.

Advanced and proven design methodology.
Full scale testing in our research center.

Designed for easy installation and service

The AHLSTAR pump series is designed to minimize the lifecycle costs during the entire long service life. The energy cost constitutes the biggest cost item of a pump, which is why high efficiency of the pump is of utmost importance.

In process industry, reliability is even more important to secure continuous production. Reliability also minimizes the maintenance costs during the lifecycle of the pump. When the pump ultimately requires maintenance, it must be easy and fast. The AHLSTAR pump series has been designed in cooperation with service specialists to enable easy installation and maintenance.

The high degree of internal standardization of the components together with a sensibly modulated pump series translates into easy and swift spare parts supply for the almost 150,000 pumps already installed globally. This way, the customer’s spare parts inventory is kept to a minimum.

The AHLSTAR pump range works reliably at high efficiency in all industrial pumping applications.

Strategic and committed partnerships

Partnerships and close cooperation with the world’s leading pulp, paper and board producers, machinery suppliers, engineering companies and research institutes set the baseline for our research and development work. Long-term development forums that include pilots and demos are imperative for dealing with the fascinating future potential of the industry. For the time being, the growth rate in the tissue and packaging boards markets is high.

As one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, Sulzer provides a wide range of products for engineered, configured, and standard pumping solutions as well as essential auxiliary equipment

The increase in pulp demand continues strong for board, tissue as well as other hygienic products, and it will accelerate for textiles. The time is right to strengthen the already close cooperation between the players in the industry, to the benefit of all.
Forest companies, research institutes and other industry partners are actively investigating and developing new processes for additional higher-value wood raw material based products.

Such developments are, for example, to replace cotton and oil-based synthetic fibers like polyester, or to produce higher-value carbon products and modified cellulose materials for packaging barriers, coatings for medicines and nutrients.
The pulp, board, tissue and paper segments offer a very interesting and important scope together with new additional wood based future products. We are committed to this new development trend.


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