Partnership between TecnoFerrari & A.Celli

Partnership between TecnoFerrari & A.Celli for parent reel handling and storage has been announced during It’s Tissue. A great number of visitors assisted to the demonstration of TecnoFerrari AGV during It’s Tissue at A.Celli facilities.

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With this partnership TecnoFerrari and A.Celli are combining the long term experience of TecnoFerrari in the field of AGV solutions with a deep knowledge of A.Celli in the tissue sector. Besides the partnership with A.Celli, TecnoFerrari maintains direct activity at the end of line with palletized final product. Leader in automation and logistics in different markets, TecnoFerrari S.p.A., with more than 3000 AGV vehicles installed, is continuously investing and growing. It has now over 300 employees and almost 10% of them working on R&D projects.

The supervisor software, a complete suite developed by TecnoFerrari, offers the complete management of the production schedule and its HMI is easy to use. The possibility to customize it according to Customers’ needs is an added value in terms of flexibility. The strength of TecnoFerrari’s solutions is based on a consolidate experience in the AGV system. It allows to offer customized machines and reliable application. The management of parent reel with AGV allows a great number of advantages compared with manual handling. Safety of workers is guaranteed due to the presence of sensors which allows the AGV to reduce the speed and stop in case an obstacle is detected at a certain distance from the AGV. The safety distance changes in accordance with the speed of the vehicle. Presence of sirens and lights alerts workers of the oncoming AGV. AGV travels on designated paths which have been prescribed by users, thus areas with high traffic or a non-safe path can be avoided.

We meet each customer’s specific needs with customized and dedicated solutions


Parent reel unstacking
Tissue end of line transportation system

AGV safety devices stop the vehicles from running into other equipment, inventory, walls and racks. AGV works 24/7 non-stop with a consequent increase of productivity and they can work at a constant speed leading to lower maintenance.

AGV reduced utility costs as it can operate in lights-out environment. AGV position and status are constantly tracked and controlled by the supervisor system. AGV control system can be integrated with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and RFID for the goods identification inside and outside the production site and they are easy to install and to change the factory lay-out.

AGV does not create a permanent obstacle and keeps aisles clear. Furthermore the AGVs solution is modular and expandable.

Cost comparison between manual forklift and AGV
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